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Movie Trailers

No description

Direct English

on 10 November 2018

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Transcript of Movie Trailers

Review the grammar chart and put it in practice everyday
Grammar Reinforment
Job intervirew questions
Get up and practice with your classmates
Movie maker
Create your own movie and talk about the trialer innt of the class.
Vocabulary for the topic
Get some more words for your vocabulary
Topic introduction
Work in pairs in the next questions, give good answers
Movie Trailers
At the end of this class all students will be able to:
- Give opinions about movie trailers
- Disclose some prferences about movies
- Share favorite trailer they've watched

look for a motivation within you, otherwise is not going to work.



Film makers:



Master Piece:
Do you like to watch the trailer before the movies? Why?

What has been the most impacting trailer you have watched?

Would you like to be a celebrity? Why?

Watch the trailer and then retell what they were talking about. with details for 40 seconds at least.
How woud you create peace in the world?

Describe the perfect job in your point of view
Please get up and switch couple twice per question. give solid and great answers.
Work in the film and creation of your own movie, it could be about anything you want. and go to the front tell your class the trialer.
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