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Books of the Bible

No description

Kalley L

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Books of the Bible

Old Testament The Books of the Bible New Testament 2 Peter The books that we are presenting for the Old Testament include 1 Kings and Job 1 Kings The book of Kings does not specifically name an author, but Jewish tradition suggest that the Prophet Jeremiah wrote it. The book of 1 Kings was written between approximately 560 and 540 B.C. Main Idea The purpose of writing 1 Kings was to trace Solomon's rise to kingship after the death of David. 1 and 2 Kings are the sequels to 1 and 2 Samuel. 1 Kings is in the History division of the bible. Verses from the book of Kings suggest that it was written for people in exile; that their humiliation was caused by their persistence in breaking the covenant 1 Kings was originally written in Hebrew. The book of
Job The author of Job is unknown, but is likely to be an israelite since he uses the israelite term for God frequently. The book of Job is written to us. The main idea is to help us understand that Satan cannot bring financial or physical destruction upon us, unless it is by God's permission. The date when the book of Job was written is also unknown, but bible experts say that it must have been written during the reign of King Solomon. By Kiria & Kalley Job was also primarily written in Hebrew. Job is in the Books of Poetry division of the bible. The books that we are presenting include 2 Peter, 2 Timothy, and Titus. Paul wrote 2nd timothy, it was in the epistles of Paul, Paul wrote this message to timothy, written in greek. written in 67 A.D. Paul thought that he those were his “last years”, and he felt lonely while imprisoned in Rome, so he wrote letters to Titus and other believers to encourage their faith. Peter wrote 2nd peter. It was in the section of general epistles, The language that it was written in was greek, He very likely wrote 2 Peter between A.D. 65 and 68, Main idea: 2 Peter addresses the way to deal with problems that arise within the Church from false doctrines, and the importance of growing in grace and knowledge of truth using God's Word as the source, Titus Titus was written in the epistles of Paul ,Paul wrote Titus , it was written to Titus in Hebrews. It was written to his brother Titus to encourage him in his faith. It advises Titus on what qualifications to look for in a leader of the church, and to warn him of the reputations of those living on the island of Crete.
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