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Research Center Against HIV

Berenguer Parras

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of RCAHIV

About us
Our Project
My name is Berenguer Parras i Rius, and I'm 14. Think that when I did this project i was 4 years younger). I made a project about a possible cure for HIV or AIDS using genetics, with 3 more boys.
We were two days just searchings related things on the internet, and we found a gene, that is called CCR5, that allows HIV to enter the WBCs.
We were doing a summer campus at Madrid, and we had to do a final project. We thought that we should do a cure for an illness that lots of people had. So we decided to do a vaccine for the HIV
When we knew this, we start searching the mode to mutate this gene, in order to make HIV uncompatible with the WBCs membrane, so it can't enter and do what it does.
HIV Replication
Create something that mutates CCR5
That's it!
Make it possible to introduce it in a human
Make it hereditary for mutate CCR5 in the next generations
(cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr
This project is just what we did in the summer CTY campus, (Center for Thalented Youth Spain, from the John Hopkins College in the US, wich director was Dr. Javier Tourón, from the Navarra University) & we've been searching more things about this. Think about this just if it was a draft, because we know there are some mistakes that we have to correct.
These are the options
Bone marrow transplantation
Using a bone marrow transplant with the CCR5delta32 AIDS would be destructed, because the marrow cells would create resistant WBCs to HIV.
The problem is that it is very dangerous because we have to destroy the whole bone marrow, and it is very difficult to find somebody with CCR5delta32
The alternative: Black Death's vaccine
Black Death made the CCR5delta32 in a 10% aprox. of the population. We can use this for generating resistant WBCs to HIV.
The problem is that we don't know if you have to suffer desease or just with the vaccine it goes. And the problem is too that is very difficult to suffer the mutation
We are not rich families, so we have no economic means to do this project or even to go to a decent school. That's why we want to go to a nice school somewhere out of Spain.
My email is berenguer75@gmail.com
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