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Plot Vs. Theme

Mini Lesson for Plot vs. Theme (Writer's/Reader's Workshop)

Nicky McCourt

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Plot Vs. Theme

What is a Plot and what is a Theme? Plot vs. Theme The story or plan of a book, play, novel, etc. Plot A theme is the moral or subject of a story. It's the meaning the author wants you to take away after you have finished reading. Theme In the book "The Little Engine That Could" the theme was overcoming a seemingly impossible task by work and willpower. The Little Engine That Could The plot of "The Three Little Pigs" is: a wolf
tries to blow down three different houses made by three brother pigs. Three Little Pigs The plot is the series of events that happens in the book.

The theme is the main focus or central point of the story. Things to Remember: The purpose or moral of a story. The Plot is NOT: The Plot IS: The events that happen in the book. The Theme IS: The main message the author wanted to convey The Theme is NOT: The events that happen or the adventure the character goes on. We just learned: EL.5.3.4 2006 The importance of the contrasts to the plot or theme. Because we know the differences between the two. That theme refers to the central idea or meaning of a book and we can recognize themes, whether they are implied or stated directly. EL.5.3.3 2006
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