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The War

Unit 3 - Part 8

Mark Behnke

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of The War

Policy of Appeasemnt
• Hitler rebuilt Germany all throughout the 1930's
• Hitler rebuilt the German army--which was against the treaty
• He rebuilt the German economy--by making "Bullets not Butter"
• He made an alliance w/ Italy --which was also against the treaty
• He took over other land--against the treaty--Alsace Lorraine
• Hitler then wanted the Sudetenland, the rich industrial part of Czechoslovakia
• Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister of G.B., said not so fast & demanded a sit down w/ Hitler
Munich Pact
• Chamberlain & Hitler agreed to give the Sudetenland to Germany & Hitler would stop taking anything else
• Chamberlain came home & said, "Peace in our time"
• Chamberlain & the rest of the European leaders were appeasing Hitler, or giving in to the demands of an aggressor
• Soon after Hitler was given the Sudtenland he took the rest of Czechoslovakia
• Chamberlain is out G.B. and the rest of Europe is in trouble
Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact
• Hitler started talking about taking Poland, however, everyone thought he was crazy to do that
• G.B. & France had threatened war if Hitler attacked Poland & he wouldn't want to mess with Russia
• It was believed Hitler wouldn't want to fight a two front war
• Germany in central Europe surrounded ( no two front war )
• In August of 1939 Hitler shocked the world by announcing the Non-Aggression Pact w/ the Soviet Union
• It wasn't an alliance but rather a pact NOT to fight each other--Green Light on Poland
• On Sept. 1, 1939, WWII began, as Nazi tanks rolled into Poland
• They introduced the world to a new kind of fighting ---Blitzkrieg or lightning warfare
• Luftwaffe: German planes bomb 1st....then Panzers: German tanks...roll in......finally German infantry
Sept. 1, 1939
• It was fast & deadly......& it was over after a month in Poland
• France readies itself for a possible German attack by finishing the Maginot Line: a concrete fortifications, obstacles, & weapons installations along the German border
• In May of 1940 Hitler attacked Belgium, Luxembourg, & the Netherlands
• Hitler & Germans outflank the line & swept across France defeating France in six weeks
• By June of 1940 Paris falls & France surrendered to Hitler & he set his sights on G.B.
• Maginot Line: "Generals always fight the last war, especially if they have won it"
Great Britain
• Appeasement & Chamberlain were out & Winston Churchill & a new attitude
Never ever give up.........
• British Air Force, RAF or Royal Air Force, was heavily outnumbered but had the advantage of radar for early detection
• Battle of Britain was 3 mo. long but was most famous for almost 5 wks of bombing London
• London was nearly destroyed but w/ Churchill's leadership & Britain resolve they refused to quit
What's the U.S. doing?
• Churchill was begging FDR to help in some way, but FDR has the Neutrality Act stopping him
• 1939 FDR gets Congres sto pass the Cash & Carry Policy
• Cash & Carry: allowed the U.S. to sell weapons to G.B. as long as they picked it up and paid cash for it
• No risk for America...but is it really neutral????
• G.B. ran out of $
• Germany, Italy, & Japan joined the Axis Powers by signing the Tripartit Pact or alliance
• FDR told the American public in a fireside chat"No man can tame a tiger into a kitten by stroking it"
•America needed to become "The Great Arsenal of Democracy"
Lend Lease Act
•allowed the U.S. to lend any arms to "any country whose defense was vital to U.S."
• By June of 1941 Hitler became impatient w/ Britain & he invaded USSR
Germans Invade USSR
• Stalin & Soviets used the scorched earth policy, retreating & burning everything, to lure the Germans deeper into Russia
Scorched Earth
• Germany will have trouble w/ the weather, no food, no supplies, & no reinforcements
• Battle of Stalingrad
U.S. Enters the War
"Europe First Strategy"
• Japan attacked the U.S. on Dec.7, 1941 but FDR quickly decided we needed to go after Germany 1st
• G.B. was in more trouble
• USSR needed a 2nd front opened up
• FDR also thought, wrongly, the Japanes would capitulate as soon as Germany surrendered
The U.S. will have to fight WWII in two theatres...
The American Experience
Unit #3
Prezi #8
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