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origin/how you were raised/values

No description

Savvy Brown

on 21 September 2015

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Transcript of origin/how you were raised/values

origin/how you were raised/values
My grandma helped raise me because my mom was a single parent for a few years. I was raised to know how to treat my elder and have respect for the people around me, especially my family.
what kind of parent/ important to you/ goals
I'm not sure if I want to for sure be a parent yet, but I do want to work as a school counselor and work with all types of children. My goals would be to be able to help all types of kids whether they're dealing with depression or any type of disabilities. The one thing that is important to me is respect. I want every kid that comes into my office or any child that i decide to have , to have respect for me and for themselves.
I think that when someone becomes a mother it makes them stronger, it ables them to do the things they never thought they could because at the end of the day you're not only taking care of yourself but you're also taking care of someone you created. For the profession I am planning on, I think the positive would be that I am helping kids get through things, making their lives a little more tolerable so they still have hope.
challenges/ fears
My biggest fear would becoming a parent would be that I would get so sleep deprived and stressed. Becoming a counselor I would be worried about hearing a students worst moments and just not knowing what to say.
personal reflection
done by: Savvy McCabe
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