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Switch Off Final Copy

No description

Wei Ting Chan

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Switch Off Final Copy

Switch Off Done By:
Chan Wei Ting
Ho Ming Wei
Lim Yi Shuen
Pang Khai Xin
Yu Zongman Skit Group Presentation Individual Components Maintain safety of the public Aims Through a two pronged approach: To minimise environmental disintegration Change mindsets 100 surveys on drivers Methodology Singapore has the 5th highest carbon dioxide emission per capita. Current situation Wastage of electricity Impacts Unnecessary fossil fuels burned Lesser natural resources left Higher prices for electricity Possible energy crisis OUR 2nd Prong approach An interview with Dr Obbard Economic growth VS. energy security Strengths Economic and environmental benefits Fewer resources used Readily available accessible resources Dr Obbard: “Requires no new technology” Singapore’s tropical climate Solar Gen2 Off-grid system Limitations Limitations 1ST PRONG Drivers' mindsets Limitations 2ND PRONG Safety Issue Pedestrians safety Solutions 1 2 3 Financial capabilities Helps us sustain project 1st prong: Pilot test Makes project probable Test drive Serves as substantiation 2nd prong: CCTVs & road reflectors CCTVs: Apt for situation Road reflectors: provide warning Further improvements 3. Tax rebates 1. Changing the light intensity of streetlights in alleys 2. Education Sustainability 1. Success in other countries 2. Long term savings 3. Key in improving energy efficiency Help us in achieving aims and objectives Extended to other countries if successful Cultivate better global image Thank you for your
attention Rationale Fossil fuel is used to generate electricity Fossil fuel Carbon dioxide Global warming Target Groups 1st approach: Expressway drivers 2nd approach: Pedestrians + Drivers using one-way alleys. 1st approach Feasibility of 1st Prong Approach Cost Public Acceptance Manageability of 1st prong approach Feasibility of 2nd prong approach Concept of “streetlight on demand” implemented in Germany Dial4Light system is similar to card reader system Manageability of 2nd prong approach Interconnected lighting system eliminates dark patches Safety issue Warning signs and road reflectors no need for further complications in coordinating with current grid system High Cost Risk Cost-efficiency achieved Negative externalities incurred Singapore's season Perceived zebra effect Challenge Drivers' safety
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