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What is an SCI workcamp?

No description

Daniel G

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of What is an SCI workcamp?

Have you ever considered to combine your travels with specific volunteer work ? To work in a shelter for wolves in the U.S.? to organize activities for refugees in Kenya? Organise
an open air
cinema with the Roma community
in Kosovo? countries, cultures
and backgrounds what about a volunteer workcamp? for period of living and working together 5-20 people with the local communities different from 2-3 weeks for a common goal alternative helping in reconstruction in a war-torn village of working for how it all started? 1920 Pierre Ceresole living in peace overcoming war hostilities and creating a society to military service Esnes in France where can you go? what can your contribution be about?
Anti – racism, Anti – fascism, Refugees
and Ethnic minorities
North – South Solidarity
Peace and Disarmament
Children, Teenagers, Elderly people
Sexuality and Gender
Social Disadvantaged
Art, Culture and History
Ideology and Spirituality
Other work physical social study part + / who can contribute? 16/18 - 99+ before the workcamp preparation/training SCI national branch local partner / hosting organization during the workcamp provided accommodation and food work for 6 hours a day free time study part plan your trip administration fee after the workcamp evaluation follow up event report application how to apply? http://www.workcamps.info/ register at contact your SCI national branch http://www.sciint.org/ Are you ready to volunteer? :) to work
with children
in Palestine? where you want!!
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