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Adjectives and Adverbs: Middle Earth Style!

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Brittany Smithkort

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Adjectives and Adverbs: Middle Earth Style!

Adjectives and Adverbs:
Middle Earth Style!

What are Adjectives?
are words that are used to describe various nouns or pronouns in a sentence.

short, fat
hobbit did not like adventures very much at all.
elf shot down five enemies at the same time.
Types of Adjectives
Adjectives DESCRIBE nouns or pronouns
So, words such as "many," "several," and "few" are considered adjectives as well if they are describing a noun
Words such as "that," "this," "these," and "those" are also adjectives if they are placed directly before a noun; if they are not, then they are pronouns
Words used to describe ownership of something (Anna's, my, your, his, her) are also adjectives
There are
hobbits that ever leave the Shire.
army is
Nazgul is the
one of them all.
That is the one ring to rule them all. (NOT an adjective)
What are adverbs?
are words that modify everything but nouns and pronouns.
They have the tendency most of the time to end in -ly.
A word is an adverb if it answers how, when, or where.
A Little Practice. . .
List the ADJECTIVES in the following sentences. . .
What adjectives can we use to describe Gollum?
Journal Prompt
Tell the story using the picture below. Your response NEEDS to be a paragraph long AT LEAST.
Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
Comparative adjectives are descriptive words that are used if you are comparing/ contrasting TWO people, places, things, or ideas.
Superlative adjectives are descriptive words that are used if you are comparing/ contrasting THREE or MORE people, places, things, or ideas.
Frodo is the
in comparison to Sam, Mary, and Pippin.
Sam is the
most compassionate
of them all.
Gandalf is a
wizard than Saruman.
A special note about superlative and comparative adjectives. . . .
You can form comparative adjectives two ways. You can add er to the end of the adjective, or you can use more or less before it.
Do not, however, do both!
CORRECT: Gandalf is
than Radagast.
: Gandalf is
more smarter
than Radagast.
A special note about using more than one adjective to describe a noun or pronoun. . .
To describe a noun fully, you might need to use two or more adjectives. Sometimes a series of adjectives requires commas, but sometimes it doesn't. What makes the difference?
If the adjectives are
, you must use commas between them. If, on the other hand, the adjectives are
, no commas are necessary. How do you tell the difference?
adjectives can be determined by a test. When you reorder the series or when you insert and between them, they still make sense.
adjectives do not make sense when you reorder the series
Coordinate: The
ugly, fat, repulsive
orc tried to kill Frodo.
Can be reordered: The
fat, repulsive, ugly
orc tried to kill Frodo.
Frodo's small sharp Elvish
sword glows blue when orcs are near.
Cannot be reordered:
Small Frodo's Elvish sharp
glows blue when orcs are near.
gave her immortality to Aragorn.
There is a

light around Arwen.
rode her horse to help save Frodo
Variations of Adverbs
Time: Smaug awakens
Place: Smaug lives
Manner: Smaug talked
to Bilbo.
Degree: Smaug breathes fire
more loudly
than the other dragons.
Adverbs are used to modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs.
They can be used to specify time, place, manner, or degree.
Some Advebrs that do not end in -ly. . .
Fast, never, now, always, most, least, more, less, well, very, far, there. . . .
Some adverbs we can use to describe this battle. . . .
The orcs _____________ stormed the castle.
The elves _____________ defended the castle.
List the ADVERBS in the following sentences. . .
Pippin's obnoxious friend Mary is a bad influence on him.
Gandalf always carries a wooden staff to perform his crafty tricks.
The sunlight in that Shire is the brightest compared to anywhere in Middle Earth.
Bilbo decided to write his story down tomorrow.
Frodo sneakily crept past Gollum's lair.
The dwarf loudly yelled at Legolas there.
Now, let's improve those stories. . .
We are going to be revisiting your journal entries from earlier. After you switch stories with your partner, I want you to re-write your partner's short story using the following criteria:
adjectives total:
Need one instance where you use multiple adjectives to describe one noun/ pronoun
Need one comparative OR superlative adjective
adverbs total:
Need one adverb that doesn't end in -ly
Need one adverb that answers the question When OR Where
your adverbs
Learning Goal for Today:

Identify and describe the differences between various adjectives and adverbs, applying this knowledge to our writing.
What about Aaragorn?
What about this duel between Gandalf (gray) and Saruman (white)?
Saruman ___________________ hit Gandalf with a spell.
Gandalf _________________ fell back against the wall.
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