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The Raft

No description

Erin Smith

on 19 January 2014

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Transcript of The Raft

The setting is 2 characters on a raft in the ocean. It is in the middle of summer. They are battling problems with sharks, no food or water. Also there is only skittles and rain water to depend on. But Robie drops the skittles in the ocean. Luckily, they have rain. They depend on each other. Until now.
This story is character vs. fate. The problem is when Robie was on a plane home. Both engines cuts out. They have to get the raft and go into the ocean beneath them. The 2 characters make it into the water. They have only skittles and rain water. When Robie has to get out of the boat to get the rain water out. She drops the skittles. Now they only depend on the rain water. While one character dies. She depends on herself.

Brave- She fight for her life.
Selfish- Leaves Max in ocean when he died.
Determined- To find help.
Smart- He brought a kit of supplies.
Nice- He cares for Robie.
Serious- Doen't show many emotions during the book and doesn't speak a whole lot to Robie.
Main Character Traits
Stuck in the ocean with no sign of help.

Rising Actions
Robie spends week with Aunt Jillian.
Robie takes a plane to go home and to see her mother and father.
The plane's engines fail.
They have to jump out.
Robie and Max are in the ocean with a raft and skittles.

They find an island. After a day or so researchers come. They find Robie and are helping her.
Falling Action
Then the researchers bring her to a hospital.
After going to the hospital she goes to a hotel with a researcher. One day after that they find her parents and now she is going back home.
Plot (continued)
The lesson I learned and the character in my book is to always be prepared for an unknown outcome. I learned this by that in the story only one character was prepared and that was Max. When he died Robie took his things to help herself survive and to not feel lonely.
I would give the book a ten out of ten. Even in the beginning it grabbed my attention. It was an amazing book and a wonderful writer.
I would recommend this book to fiction lovers. You think what would happen if they didn't have a raft. They have sharks, they had to battle so it makes you think more of the book.
Thank You!!!!!
The Raft
By: S. A. Bodeen

Created: Erin
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