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Greek Plays by: Samantha Scoli and Margot Murray

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Samantha S

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Greek Plays by: Samantha Scoli and Margot Murray

Greek Plays! Prisoners out of jail temporally only see Greek Plays
Three types of plays = Tragedies,Comedies and Satires
A lot of play writers because plays were so popular!
Sophocles famous Ancient Greek play writer, wrote 120 plays!
Early plays performed by one actor later expanded to 3 actors
Wore masks showed mood of the character
One actor played a lot of parts changing masks to portray different characters
Darker clothing = tragic character
Light clothing = happy/funny
Actors costumes showed the type of mood they were in
Cost for entrance to theater was 2 obols people who didn't have money didn't have to pay to watch
Performed songs
Tragedy =dramatic events and sadness
Comedy = do jokes Ancient Athens was performed at Agora
Their was open-air auditorium at Athenian Acroplis
Open-air auditoriums were built in Greek cities holding 15,000 - 18,000 people
Actors were all men
Women were not allowed to act
Theater was named after Dionysus he was the god of wine Why is theater so important to the Ancient Greeks?

The reason why plays are so important to the Ancient greeks is that gods were performing in the plays!
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