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Social Business Overview

Introduction to Social Business for Front Office Digitization

Sean House

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Social Business Overview

Front Office Transformation
Introduction to Social Business Social Business overview
What is creating the opportunity?
What are the enablers?
What is transformed? Topics 2 Social Business Track - Front Office Transformation 2013 What is creating the opportunity?

# 1 Trend – Technology Driven The workplace must evolve… The rate of change
accelerates… Facebook
3 Yrs Internet
4 Yrs TV
13 Yrs Years to
reach 50M
users: Tablet
2 Yrs Mobile & Smart… Vast amount of social content… The consumer is
in control… The Internet… Consumer technology in the workplace… What is creating the opportunity?

# 2 Trend: Culture driven Demonstration of Shared Values Building relationships, be they - customers, consumers, partners, or your workforce, requires… Culture and behavior transforms from Passive Consumption to a: Participatory Culture Network:
Seek and Share:
Play: Act on insight for business advantage Enable people to engage productively in a business context Monitor and analyze social data to discover new business insights Reach people where they live
and work What are the enablers?

A core set of enabling capabilities transform how businesses engage with people and transform how we work Social Business Track - Front Office Digitization 2012 Organizations are engaging the Collective Intelligence of their networks to solve their business challenges Social Business Track - Front Office Digitization 2012 Leading innovators agree: Social Business is transformative Discover new insights, trends/common discussion topics
Proactively respond to opportunities and issues respond What is transformed?

Repeatable patterns emerging as businesses apply social technologies …transforming work practices and creating value Recognize opportunities and evaluate ideas and insights
Engage communities in ongoing sourcing of problems and solutions innovate Enable virtual workforce… virtual work
Work anywhere, anytime
No time zone or geo boundaries mobility decide Self-organizing and self-discovering communities and dynamic teams
Discover available resources across organizational structures organize create Balance command & control with collaborative leadership
Enable, guide, empower, include lead Social Business Track - Front Office Digitization 2012 Input from more subject matter experts, across organizational boundaries
Linked to more decision artifacts, connect learn Gain and share insight continuously and reliably
From learning what is known to co-creating ideas through active participation Greater diversity of insight
Participate, contribute,
co-create content and work output Create social networks by finding people, expertise, answers and content
Share context and perspective others LEARN, RINSE, REPEAT END START Use Train /
Deploy Test Build Implementing Social Transformation is different from other technology enabled initiatives Value and adoption depends on:

Changing the way employees work
Value demonstration
User skills, trust and fluency
Early adopters, advocates, quick failures, and shared successes Design Contests and
Challenges Collaborative
Design Markets Parallel Task Processing Distributed
Q&A Serious Games Package implementation Social Business implementation THANK YOU …to encourage engaged participation, collaboration, and co-creation nd in IBM, we have a growing portfolio of client projects US Financial Services Client Thought leaders identify significant financial benefits and increasing investment McKinsey Global Institute Source: "The Social Economy: Unlocking Value and Productivity Through Social Technologies" McKinsey Global Institute, July 2012 IBM Institute for Business Value Source: "Business of Social Business: What works and how it's done", IBM Institute for Business Value, Nov 2012 Increasing investment over next two years A And in IBM, we have a growing portfolio of client projects
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