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China vs Russia, Border Wars

No description

Thomas Copper

on 9 May 2010

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Transcript of China vs Russia, Border Wars

Russia forced unequal land treaties on China. China refused to recognize these treaties which caused sporadic fighting over the years.
Sino-Soviet Border Conflict

by: Thomas Copper The conflict occured on three rivers dividing the Soviet Union and the Peoples Republic of China

The three rivers are the Amur, the Ussuri, and the Argun. There are also some small islands that were disputed in these rivers. The border disputes began in the 17th century as Russian settlers moved into the area.
Map of the disputed areas Unequal treaties were setup
between the Qing dynasty and tsarist Russia After the fall of the Soviet Union
China regained the land it had lost and
setup equal boundaries. One of the disputed islands
on the border In 2004 the Border Conflict was resolved and
a new equal boundary was setup. China gained half of Bolshoy Ussuriysky,
Tarabarov and Zhenbao Islands In 1969, there was the Zhenbao Island incident.
Russian and Chinese troops fought briefly for
control of the island. Russia was successful and
kept control of the island. The dispute was also caused by a political difference between the two communist parties. Border talks began in the 1970's but dragged on until the end of the Soviet Union. The new Russian Federation quickly resolved the conflict and setup the new border. The final treaty to end the conflict was ratified by
the Russian leader Boris Yeltsin and Chinese leader
Jiang Zemin. If the border dispute never occured then
China would have been very close allies with Russia.
Also China would have stayed occupied with America
and what it was doing during the Cold War. This conflict impacted Chinese society by changing the way China treated its Communist neigbor.
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