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Future possible jobs

How can your online reputation affect your future?

Youare Amazing

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Future possible jobs

Double click anywhere & add an idea How can your online reputation affect your future? Friends - Jobs - Future employers can check out your online orofiles to see if you tell lies, or the truth. Pictures - There can be pictures of you online when you were at a party and are having fun, but employers might think you are too wild. Do you really need this? BE SUCCESFUL
Stalker Heaven! pjhjhhjhhjhhjjhjkhjhjhhujhjkhnkmn bbbjkbjkbjhbjhFuture employers can search you up online Be Safe Future employers search up your history There might be pictures of you at a party or somewhere where you were relaxing. These pictures might affect future jobs, as the company won't think you are right for the job. Cyber Bullying/ Addict to online games By: Darragh L. and Justin K.
Hackers - Hackers can control your personal life Jobs - Future employers search up your history Friends - Cyberbullying/ Addict to online games Resources:
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