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Lesson 6: Growing Up by the Sea

No description

Jimmy Simmons

on 23 September 2016

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Transcript of Lesson 6: Growing Up by the Sea

Lesson 6: Growing Up by the Sea
Alfa and Beto: The Biblioburros
Focus On
Look at the table of contents on page 1
What is the first section of the book?
How does this heading help you know what you are going to read about in this section?
Why is it important to know what life is like in Columbia?
Reread Alfa and Beto: The Biblioburros
Think about how you can tell what the whole book was about using just 2 or 3 sentences.
Think about the most important information and write it down on a few sticky notes as you read.
Compound Words
It helps us to know that children in villages didn't have books, so it is important for the writer to tell us that first.
Turn to page 5 and read the heading:
In this heading, the writer helps you predict what Luis did and why he brought the books to the children.
What make this heading interesting to you?

Headings help readers know what they will be reading in a section of an informational book, and they also help readers understand the ideas.
Sometimes headings get readers interested in the topic
Summary Writing:
When you write a summary, you tell what is the most important information in the story

What is the most important information you would tell about this story?
Luis Soriano
Yesterday you read a biography that gave you information about a person's life.
Today you are going to read another nonfiction book call a memoir. Listen as I read the information on the inside back cover!
When you write about something happened to you, or a memory, that is a kind of memoir. Read the information on the back cover then
Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up
, and talk about what you are expecting to read!
Carrie Waters is the author of this memoir 'Growing Up by the Sea"
Look at pages 2 and 3.
What do you notice?
What are the round things on page 2?
All through this memoir, you'll see photographs and pictures with labels, and they will help you know what it was like to grow up by the sea. Carrie's father was a fisherman.
Find the word Fisherman
What are the two words that make that a compound word?
Can you find the 2 other compound words on that page?
There will be a lot of words in this memoir that label things.
Pg 7 diagram....this shows how a lobster trap works.

Look at pg. 11. On this page you will read about the bait the fisherman puts onto a big nasty hook inside the trap.
Go to pg. 13. Here you are going to read something interesting about the starfish. You can't see it in the picture, but the starfish has little tubes under its arms. They grab onto your fingers if you pick a starfish up. What are you thinking?

As you read this memoir, Be thinking about what you would like or not like about living by the sea. You can share your thinking tomorrow.
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