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Chronicle of A Death Foretold:

No description

Delaney Domino

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Chronicle of A Death Foretold:

The Literary Treasure
What have we discovered?
Look, a symbol!
"The door to the square was cited several times with a dime-novel title:
The Fatal Door
," (Garcia Marquez 11).
Pigs: Savage, Dirty
"So [Pablo] put the
in [Pedro’s] hand and dragged him off almost by force in search of their sister’s lost honor” (Garcia Marquez 61).
“...the Vicario twins went to the bin in the pigsty where they kept their
sacrificial tools
and picked out the two best
..." (Garcia Marquez 50).
The Bishop
The Bishop for everyone was a call to rise up. Everyone in Town comes to the docks to greet him as he went by in his boat. It was the last major coming together of the people before Santiago Nasar was killed. With him never landing the Bishop "made the sign of the cross in the air opposite the crowd on the pier" and did so until the boat was out of sight. As "Santiago Nasar had reason to feel cheated" He had wanted to kiss the Bishop's ring and even give rooster combs for soup which was the only part of the rooster the bishop used. Bayardo San Roman hoped the bishop would marry Angela Vicario, and the relationship faltered.
Chronicle of A Death Foretold
Symbol Treasure Hunting

And here's another!
"[Angela] wrote a
weekly letter
for over half a lifetime," (Garcia Marquez 109).
"The more
she sent the more coals of her fever burned, but the happy rancor she felt for her mother also heated up," (Garcia Marquez 108)
Innocence, Purity
Associated with death (heaven and ghosts), funerals
It should be noted...
The novel could be considered "a marriage between
investigative journalism
," (Palencia-Roth).
Assassination of Cayetano Gentile Chimento (January 22, 1951)
Searching for Symbolism
"The overall importance or significance of symbols in the novel is never clearly linked to any other concept or idea that informs the work as a whole. This is especially true because the work is supposed to be journalistic and factual, so any such symbols work against the narrator's purported intent of clarifying the events surrounding Santiago Nasar's death, becoming purely anecdotal. Because they occur randomly, constantly, and without any easily discernible premeditated purpose,
it is difficult to distinguish any recurring symbol that has a greater significance in the text as a whole
. " -- SparkNotes
We beg to differ.
Yes, we realize this is not a scholarly source

Futility, Finality, DEATH
Evidence: Seldom Used, Locked by Placida Linero, Santiago uses to support his body in killing scene
Garcia Marquez utilizes the steady symbol of the Front Door to convey Nasar's inescapable, impending death.
Nonconformity, Rebelliousness, Inquietude, Libido, Resentment
Evidence: Brutal Treatment by Mother, Living as Rejected Wife, Gender Roles, Fantasies
Garcia Marquez employs the symbol of Angela's weekly letters to underscore the extreme unease Angela feels towards being outside of societal/gender roles, and the resentments she's formed towards her abusive mother.
Duty, Sacrifice, Betrayal
"On the day they were going to kill him... He'd
he was going through a grove of timber trees where a gentle drizzle was falling, and for an instant he was happy in his
, but when he awoke he felt completely spattered with bird [droppings]..." (Garcia Marquez, 3).
"The week before, he'd
that he was alone in a tinfoil airplane and flying through the almond trees without bumping into anything..." (Garcia Marquez 4).
Foreshadowing Death
'"[Santiago Nasar] was wearing his
shirt and carrying something that I couldn't make out in his hand, but it looked like a bouquet of roses"' (Garcia Marquez 116).
- Garcia Marquez foreshadows Santiago Nasar's death by matching the characteristics of his dreams with the events that occur when he is killed.

-He was "alone" in both his dream and when he was killed which emphasizes his vulnerability.

-The gentle drizzling occurred both in his dream and the death scene. The slow drizzling paralleled Nasar's slow death.

-Nasar never "bumped into anything" in his dream and likewise was never informed by any of the town members that two men were trying to kill him.

- The dream he had on the day he was killed indicated that at first he was happy but later felt awful when he awoke. This matches how Nasar's day was going well until he was informed that there were people who wanted to kill him.
Garcia Marquez relies on the symbol of knives to communicate the Vicario twins' urgent desire for retribution.
Garcia Marquez highlights Nasar's innocence with the symbolic function of the color white.
Roosters: Holy, Sacred
Dogs: The People, Curiosity
Falcons: Love, Tenaciousness
"He was carved up like a pig,"
(Garcia Marquez 4).

"Pedro Vicario sought his heart but he looked for it almost in the armpit, where pigs have it," (Garcia Marquez
"I didn't want to be blessed by a man who cut off only the combs for soup and threw the rest of the rooster into the garbage, " (Garcia Marquez 43).
"A falcon who chases a warlike crane can only hope for a life of pain," (Garcia Marquez 75).
"The dogs, aroused by the smell of death, increased the uneasiness," (Garcia Marquez 73).
Symbols in Chronicle of a Death Foretold
Reflect Cultural/Contextual elements ( i.e. Gender Roles, Importance of Religion, Foreshadowing, Metaphors)
Many have different meanings/interpretations
Language can be ambiguous
Different interpretations afford
more meaning
& inspire
provocative discussion
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