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Copy of Abduction By:Peg Kehret (book report)

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dominic cantor

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Abduction By:Peg Kehret (book report)

About the Author
Why I Choose this Novel
Why it's a good book to read over the summer
About the book

Abduction is a novel by Peg Kehret. The book is about a 13 year old girl named Bonnie who searches for her brother Matt and their dog Pookie. Who than later finds out it was their father Denny who abducted them.
Abduction means:

Peg Kehret is an american author writing for kids.she was born November 11 1936. She has won many awards and also has many great books too such as "The Ghost's Grave" and "stolen Children."
An illegal removal of a child from his/her parents.(kiddnapping)
Thank you for listening to my Book report!Don't forget to read this book!
The setting changes throughout the story. Some places are Marymoor park,Selfeco park and Matt's school
One of my connection is that, every time I read this book it reminds me of my grade 5 class and teacher because I read this book in grade 5 with my class and I had a fun time.

Another connection is that once I read this book to my sister which is in grade 1 right now but I read her this book in kindergarten. So when we were almost finish she got really scared that if this may happen to her so she didn't let me finish the book and from that day on she is really scared of strangers and is a bit overprotective.
This book is a really awesome book to read over the summer or anytime you want.

In the summer you spend a lot of time with your family .And I think that everyone will be worried that if there family or someone in there family goes missing, (you will be worried even if your annoying brother or sister get lost) and chances are you may kill your self(just kidding)But Bonnie went threw all this so if you read this book you will be ready for anything!Even when aliens are attacking earth!Bonnie used many ideas to save her and her brother Matt,like calling for help and contacting the police.

Also this book has many language word such as abduction. This can help you in your language and reading skills.And this isn't hard and your language teacher will be so impressed with you and you will start getting straight A's.(not guaranteed)

So what are you waiting for ,go and get the book!
I choose this novel because I think that this novel has an amazing story unlike other book.This book is about a girl Bonnie searching for her brother Matt and dog Pookie that got abducted. And as the story progresses it also gets intresting.More characters get involved.There is a lot of suspense and I like reading suspense stories so that's why I choose this book.

Matt is a little boy in kindergarden.He has blonde hair and blue eyes.He is the younger brother of Bonnie.
Bonnie is a young teen in middle school.She is a older sister of Matt.
Anita Sholter:
Anita Sholter is the mom of Bonnie and Matt.Her 1st husband, Bonnie's dad died when a roof collapsed on him.Her 2nd husband, Denny(Matt's dad) got divorced.
Denny Thurman:
Denny Thurman is a divorced husband to Anita Sholter.He is the father of Matt. Denny is also a very BIG gambler.
Detective Morrison:
Detective Morrison is one of the cops on this case to find Matt and Pookie(Matt's dog)

You may ask questions
Officer Calvin is the other cop who worked on this case to find them too.
Officer Calvin:
1.Matt is at school
2.Denny gets Pookie
3.Matt sees Pookie chases him gets abducted
4.Bonnie comes looks
5.Calls police and looks for Matt
6.Denny takes Matt and Pookie
7.Leaves Pookie at a park
8.Go to Denny's house
9.Bonnie and Anita look for Matt
10.Sevaral days past
11.Matt wants to go home but can't
12.Take Matt to a baseball Matt sees Bonnie
13 Both run but Denny catches them
14. Take both
15.There ready to go home then Bonnie and Denny have a fight
16 Matt calls help
17 Denny is arested and Matt,Anita and Bonnie are back togrther.
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