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The Future- 2035

No description

Alex Barrat

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of The Future- 2035

Inventions of the Future 2040 Just predictions of course. 2020
Cars- All vehicles are run on electricty if a new energy source is yet to be discoverd for cars. It is now completely impossible to crash and heaps of new companies. Cars- All cars will be self driving and electric. Public transport won't be very popular as car prices have dropped by a considerable margin and more and more people own cars. Cars will also be a lot smaller to account for the growing population.

Phones- The average person owns five phones( each has a different task eg. credit car, ID, passport). The devices will be a pane of glass wity holograms projected over them.

Energy- Two paths- alternate energy is unsuccessful and we will end up destroying our earth or we adopt a variety of renewable energy sources. 2040 Cars, phones and energy will be the same as 2040 but just better developed. 3 categories of inventions- phones, energy sources and cars/transport Predictions for 2020, 2030, 2040,2050 Cars- Almost impossible to have an accident
- auto stopping, pedestrian recognition and night vision technology are just beginning to develop. Phones-^^- still have a screen but the screen will be able to fold and project images. It is about connection and scharing and we will see more and more social networks establishing themselves. Energy- future energy will be lead by the EU. Things like coal are still widely used by renewable energy is rapidly progresssing. Phones- A persons whole life will rely on their phone. The last thing people will use them for is to call people. The phone will act as a credit card, a license and everything else in one. Energy- Alternate energy sources are being trialled in most countries such as nuclear but we are still using fossil fuels. On the other hand most cars are electric so the oil industry has plumetted. 2030
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