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Classroom Routines and Procedures

The basics of being in room 215

Heidi Armenta

on 22 August 2015

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Transcript of Classroom Routines and Procedures

The Path to Success:
How to have a great year
in Room 215

Beginning the day
Sometimes you enter the room as a class, sometimes you're alone. The expectation is the same.
Entering the Classroom
•In the morning, enter the classroom quietly and calmly, turn homework, do your attendance, sharpen a pencil if you need one.
•When you enter the classroom alone (from bathroom, tardy, from PE or another classroom) enter calmly, quietly, sit down immediately without talking to others, get back to work or wait for the teacher’s directions.
•Sit quietly at your desk and work on your assignment. If it is complete, choose a finished work task until I ask for your attention. If someone enters the room, do not get distracted by them. If someone is called to the office or the office calls, your job is to keep working, not create a distraction.
•Listen and stay seated when someone is speaking.
That means being an active listener who is sitting
appropriately with quiet feet and hands, and giving your full attention to whoever is speaking. If you need something, wait until independent work time to get out of your seat.
Be a good listener
•Speak appropriately–kindly, quietly, respectfully •Call people by their proper names at all times, no nicknames or teasing•Treat EVERYONE in the school--students and staff, and their property, respectfully.
When you need to use the restroom or go to your locker, do not go when teacher is teaching. Wait until independent work time.
Sign your name, the time you leave, and where you are going on the sign-out sheet. Sign in when you return.
You don’t need to ask, but check the sign-out sheet to see who is already out.
Only one boy and one girl at a time.
Depending on the situation, I use a few different ways to get your attention.
Attention Signals
Hand Signal
Bell tone
RAISE YOUR HAND! Please don't blurt, interrupt, or talk over
another speaker. Wait for your turn to speak so we can
hear what you have to say.
If you need my attention...
•Put your backpack, coat, and other large items
in your locker and take out anything and everything you need for class quickly. Close locker quietly.
When you enter school, walk single file, in line, at zero level.
If you are in band, you will come upstairs as a group and must
remember to be silent as the other classes are learning.
Here's a sample of what good hallway behavior looks like...
Respect Yourself
Respect Others
Respect Property
Respect Learning
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