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No description

Pei Jue Tan

on 20 April 2014

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Transcript of Racism

Tony Gates
Francine's friend from African-
American Literature class
Francine Drake
A sophomore transfer students from Illinois
Independent young woman
Outgoing and extrovert person
He is used to racial discrimination
Getting close with Francine;
bullied by the others
One day, Francine's friends, Tony Gates and Joe Hawkins from her African-American Literature Class approached to her house and invited her to hang out.
When they walked into a bookstore, some students inside were staring at them. Francine was even ridiculed and questioned by a student about her dating with two black guys when they wanted to leave. Tony was too angry and started to fight with the student. Fortunately, Francine and Joe stopped them and the incident ended up with no one was injured.
Fraine and Tony went for the movie on their second date. As they intended to leave and get into Tony's car, a group of students standing far away from them and started to insult them with bad words that related to their own prejudices and biases toward blackamoor.
Francine was feeling good when get together with Tony. Nonetheless, she felt frustrated because she had been receiving the threatening call from anonymous. The more severe incident happened when Francine found her car's tires had been lacerated.

Francine is a sophomore transfer student from Illinois. She is all good living in the new place, Louisina, since she has good personalities and positive life attitude. Therefore, she can adapt to her new life quickly.
Another day when they left their classroom together, there are several students who teasing at Tony by using sarcastic word like " boy". Tony reported to the Dean, and he asked Tony for witnesses to the racist incident. Also, Tony was told the First Amendment right to freedom of speech might make this case hard to get a deserved feedback. While Francine reported the tire slashing issue to the campus police, but the police could not help her since they have ton of problems to handle. One night, when they were watching TV, someone threw the rocks through the window and it almost hit Tony. Francine was scared and helpless. They can't do anything.

What causes people to be prejudiced against other people?
What should Francine and Tony do about the harassment from the students?
Should both Tony and Francine take legal action against the students who made racist remarks on campus? Why?
Do racist and sexist remarks fall in the category of speech protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? Why?

Still Exists?
irrational fears
Lack of understanding
A host of other negative emotions
How Racism can be reduced?
Treating everyone using the same standards
Change yourself before attempting to change others.
Celebrate differences instead of being colorblind.
Know your own conscious or unconscious feelings.
Lobby and fight for better nondiscriminatory laws.
Speak up if you see racism in action.
Video time!!!!!!

All Asians are geniuses
African Americans
Are Good At Basketball?!
the others
" to
A stereotype is a thought that may be adopted about specific types of individual or certain ways of doing things.
What is stereotype?
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