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BGCCNP - 2017 Celebration of Programs

No description

Scott Warris

on 21 March 2017

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Transcript of BGCCNP - 2017 Celebration of Programs

2017 Annual General Meeting PRESIDENT'S REPORT ~ Scott Warris
Pathway to Sustainability, Collaboration and Building Youth Assets in our Community
January to December 2016...and beyond

Boys and Girls Club of CNP
Where We Are Now
March 20, 2017
2 Horseback Riding Days, 7 Baseball Days
15 Biking Days, 1 Golf Day
3 Lake Days, 6 Hikes, 7 Swim Days, 3 Running Club Days
Japanese Cultural Exchange Day
Visits to: Ft. Macleod Museum & Fort, Head Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, The Crowsnest Museum, The Blairmore Library, Antelope Butte Ranch, Frank Slide
A Scavenger Hunt and Kids MTB Race at the local Rum Head Enduro Event
Community Garden Planting & Harvest

2016 Summer
Program Highlights
Funding Priorities
234 Kindergarten to Grade 7 Club Members
Running full week ASP at ISS
Extended Spring Session hours to 5:30
Summer program planning underway - to include full Monday to Friday offering
Reasonable financial position with reserve fund
Realistic budget complete
Into year 3 of 3 year strategic plan
Summer Fundraising Planning underway
Launched new Amilia registration system

After School Programs
95 kids in the club (88 last year)
170 days of programs (145 last year)
1728 participant days for K to grade 7 - Mon to Fri. (1315)
28 PD and Fri program days

Summer Programs
78 Kids in the club (64 last year)
30 full days of programs (34 last year)
460 participant days for 5 to 14 year olds (450 last year)

2016 By the Numbers
Youth Cooking, Mountain Bike and Running Programs
All the World's A Stage Drama Production
PowerUp (homework) Program
SteamAhead (Kid's Engineering) Program
Climbing, Skate Park, Hiking, Planting, Swimming
X-Country Skiing, Golf, Dance, Kids Yoga, Light Saber
Visits to: Karasu Studio, York Creek Lodge, Mountain Radio, NIT, Turning Pointe Dance Studio, CNP Museum, Orpheum Theater, RCMP & Fire Station, Kootenai Brown Village, Lundbreck Falls, Allison Lake, Angora Goat Farm
Halloween trick or treat and Christmas Party Day
Drama Improv group at York Creek Lodge
LEO (Local Elected Official's Day) with MP John Barlow
2016 After School Program Highlights
2016 Challenges & Celebrations-I
Establishing reliable, sustainable funding has been a high priority of this board over the past 8 years
This past year especially Karey and has focused on exploring many creative options and her efforts have paid off
16 different major sources of funding contributing over $150,000 in 2016 (up from $130,000 in 2015)

Key Contributors:
We continue to work with other groups at every opportunity: NIT, Municipality AG Board, Schools, UROC, Sweet Riders, X-Country Ski Assoc, Curling Club, Community Support Society, Crowsnest Museum, Library, Sinister Sports, Frank Slide Int. Center, AB Health Services
2016 Fundraising Campaign raised nearly $10,000 through 5 different events
Reserve fund continues to grow towards our goal of 10% of average annual operating costs. We will be contributing again this year through our previous year surpluses.
40 Developmental Assets Initiative continues to be a high priority within the club
Operations Highlights-I
2016 Challenges & Celebrations-II
Operations Highlights-II
2016 saw some fundamental changes in our administration structure:
Completed our contract arrangement with the Foothill's BGC (Black Diamond)
Created a new Director position to focus entirely on administrative duties including:
Complete overhaul of our registration and payment system utilizing a dedicated third party program called Amilia
Assessing and implementing the BGCC Peer Review recommendations
Review and edit existing procedures and create new ones where necessary
Work with auditors to comply with current and new CRA accounting standards for non profits and charities

2016 Challenges & Celebrations-III
Transporting kids safely and effectively has always been a high priority of the club.
Much of what we do depends on a reliable bus and driver
Our current bus is getting old (1994) and maintenance and operating costs continue to climb. (Many thanks to Terry Graf Trucking for keeping it safely on the road).
Our board has identified a new bus as a capital priority over the coming few years.
2016 saw us operating again with no formal clubhouse, however Karey and her staff have done an exceptional job exploring creative methods of running the after school programs out of ISS with busing the younger kids from HAS and utilizing many community facilities
The Pete's Park Building has proved ideal for storage and running summer programs. It is however not practical for winter programs and we will continue to explore a long term clubhouse strategy in the future.

Considering we are a People Helping People organization, staff and kids will always be our top priorities
Majority of our funding goes to wages and one of our board's primary responsibilities is hiring and supporting the best people in the director's position
A big change we recently made was to establish a second Director position in Administration
The board identified this as a solution to ongoing challenges in the areas of policy and procedural support to the Program Director
Our Program Director, Karey can now focus more closely on recruiting and supporting program staff, overseeing the actual programs and working more with the greater community
We must also mention the great contribution of Kristen Welsh to the daily ASP. As our Program Leader, Kristen is adored by the kids and is absolutely key to the success of our organization
We have also had many volunteers too numerous to list. We owe a great deal of thanks to everyone involved in our success in 2016.
What makes everything we do worthwhile, is when people remark on the difference we make in lives of the kids and families we serve.
It is after all, why we're all here and involved.
We have had many success stories come out of our 2016 programs - Such as:
Gardening Club on the BGC Community Garden
Youth Cycling Program with UROC
Nest of Needles Wool Shop teaching the kids to knit (surprisingly one of the most popular activities with the kids)
Jack Rabbit X-C Ski program returned again
Horseback Riding - Received the best feedback from the kids and parents. Center Peak High Country Adventures.
Golf at CNP Golf & CC
Kids Live on Real Country Radio
Light Sabering at Karasu Studio
What's Coming Up
Youth Mountain Bike Program
Continuation of last year's Collaboration with UROC, Sweetriders and Lethbridge Community Foundation's generous donation of 15 Bikes
2017 Running Club (May)
Duck Race is Back
Popular BGC Duck Race will return this summer thanks to the CNP Fire Department
Peer Review
Boys and Girls Club of Canada program to review clubs operations and effectiveness
Our club was visited by 4 representatives from BGCC for a week this past November
Interviewed a number of people connected with the BGCCNP and reviewed our entire operation
Among their conclusions:
connecting with the greater community and collaborating with other groups
outdoor, active programs with much variety
focus on long term sustainability
Areas for Improvement:
risk management (programs, staff/volunteers)
HR (policies, procedures, manuals)
administrative procedures including registration
We have started a number of initiatives to implement their recommendations including creating a detailed Quality Improvement Action Plan for the next 12 months
Full copy of report available on request

Bike Poker Rally Fundraiser
Exploring the feasibility with a family dinner and dance
2017 Drama Program (April)
RumHead Enduro (Jun 17th)
STEAM Ahead (kid's engineering)
PowerUp (homework assistance)
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