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Yammer: Tyco Integrated Security

Understanding the value of social media within TIS and solutions to adoption.

Sivan Siv

on 24 July 2013

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Transcript of Yammer: Tyco Integrated Security

How do you get your questions answered today? Would that be helpful to you? Yammer:
Tyco Integrated Security And one more thing...

What if you could drastically reduce the amount of emails you send every day? Imagine a place where you could:
- Get the answers to all of your questions
- Collaborate in real-time with thousands of international colleagues
- Access all of the files for a project in a single location
- Obtaining critical business information
- Create valuable business connections
....without ever leaving your desk Well, what if there was a place on the corporate intranet where everyone was asking the same questions as you? Tip Real
Value What is Yammer's value at Tyco Integrated security? Time Skepticism Lack of Clarity Change Money Past Failures Why should I care? How will this be successful? What is the benefit to me? How is this different than any other team site? What is all this hype about social media? What do you do if none of your direct colleagues know the answer to the question? Or...
What do you do if you don’t know anyone who has the same question as you? What if this place could help you get all of your questions answered in real-time? The Solution? So, what's the problem? Adoption There are many additional benefits
to Yammer that we all know about.
The problem is not understanding
the benefits. CEOs used to scan their employee’s
faces and evaluate their productivity
from the top of a platform. But
cublicles prevented this practice
continuing. Social media in the workplace has always existed—only the medium has changed. Instead of stopping by a coworker’s cube for a daily 15-minute chat or
responding to dozens of email chains
per day, managers can gauge their employee’s productivity
instantaneously through
social media. The "Water Cooler"
Argument When the water cooler was first brought into the workplace, companies were worried that their employees would spend too much time socializing when they went to get water. The argument: productivity and engagement would decrease. However, engagement actually INCREASED because of the water cooler, creating important connections amongst colleagues who wouldn't have
otherwise met. Yammer is the
new "Water Cooler" Afraid people are going
to spend too much
time at the "water cooler"?
Correct & Coach! No company-wide
rollout plan amongst
Tyco International
Tyco Integrated Security
Tyco Safety Products Each business
entity views
themselves as
seperate from
Tyco International All Senior management
needs to endorse
Yammer. Currently,
they do not. Cycle of Challenges Possible Solutions Short Term:
- Actual Enrollment= pizza parties, events, prizes
- Daily mandatory use= allow use via email and SMS Successful
of Yammer Long Term:
- Strategic Company Alignment= set in motion by Princeton
- All Training is posted via Mindflash on Yammer instead of on LMS Contact Groups:
users seeking colleagues with specific information or positions can easily locate the right contact, without spending time emailing back and forth. also, colleagues can increase their exposure in every category and country at Kraft by adding their name to this contact information repository.
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