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No description

Anushke Guneratne

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of myname.lk

What we will cover today
Who we are
What is myname.lk
Features of myname.lk
Benefits of myname.lk
Technology & Implementation
Q & A
Features of myname.lk
Unique personal domain

Unique personal email address

Personal profile page

Social network integration

Verified identity

Lifetime service

Thank you.

Please direct your questions to us after the demo...

How did we make all this?




Who we are
LK Domain Registry

Presentation Team
Ms. Dineshika Dissanayake
Mr. Chamara Dissanayake
Mr. Anushke Guneratne

What is myname.lk
A unique and meaningful URL & email address.

For you

For life
Other features of
myname.lk - unique ideas
Different people with the same name
Solution: Association with ...

Not a social network
You own your domain name and your profile
You are the customer not the product

Your own personal domain!
Domain schemes
ex: 2 part domains (anushke.guneratne.lk)
3 part domains (anushke.lakpriya.guneratne.lk)

Domains for professional bodies
ex: anushke.guneratne.cssl.lk

Title based domains
ex: Dr.saman.perera.lk
Benefits of myname.lk -
generating the benefit
Personal email address
anushke.guneratne.lk -> anushke@guneratne.lk
A memorable email address

Service independent
Switch services -> a unique email address for life
Easy to use profile page
Forward to any other URL

Social network integration
Login with Facebook, LinkedIn and OpenID

Import information from social networks
Verified identity
During domain approval
Mobile phone number, e-mail address, NIC number

Social verification
Using recommendation strings

Domains associated with...
The town
Middle name(s), initials
LK Domain Registry - an online identity for every Sri Lankan

Globally - Increase trust online

A first for the world from Sri Lanka

Yours for life!
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