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No description

Muhamad Nur

on 25 April 2014

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About The Firm
Create Account Ledger
Objectives Of Industrial Training
Objectives recommended by the Polytechnic is as follows:
To expose students to the real working environment and to expand and add real technical knowledge.
Instill teamwork and good relationships at work.
To achieve a level of confidence in the performance of work.
Adopt rules of safety at work and preparing reports and assignments
Our Services
Auditing and all forms of Assurances
Corporate Services
Creating Journal
Entering Opening Balance
Technical Report
I received several assignments during my industrial training are:
Accounting - From basic bookkeeping to computerized accounting system, the firm will provide a system of accurate financial statements.
Auditing - Examine the effectiveness of accounting and reporting customer budgets and propose new ways to conduct business more cost effective
Collecting Information
Open System UBS
Just use the UBS Computerised Accounting System to make the accounting work. The step are:
Collecting Information
Open System UBS
Create Account Ledger (for new companies)
Creating Journal
Entering Opening Balance (For Second Year Financial Accounts or More)
Entering Transactions
Delete Transactions
Make a Bank Reconciliation Statement
Viewing and Printing Reports
Backup and Restore
Ash Strategic Management Services (ASH) was established in mid-2006 by En. Shamsul Anuar Bin Derus, a member firm of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants with a vision to be a recognized professional firm providing comprehensive business advisory services to meet our client’s business needs and expectations. Despite being a relatively new, the firm will endeavor to offer the highest standard of professional competence and will strive to excel in business advisory services. The firm’s approach is to play a positive role towards the growth expansion of our client’s businesses. This will be done by maintaining the close rapport with our clients with the objective of growing together. The firm’s core values are commitment, professionalism and client’s satisfaction. Our service philosophy: Committed to our clients’ commitment by delivering quality with integrity
Entering Transactions
Entering Transactions
Delete Transaction
Viewing and Printing Reports
Make a Bank Reconciliation Statement
Delete Transaction
Backup and Restore
Provide three files :
PAF - Permanent File
CAF - Curret File
WF - Audit Report
Comments and Suggestions
Comments and Suggestions
Through industrial training, I was exposed to the shape of the work place. Therefore, it indirectly disciplining me as an employee and revealed to me the organizational structure of the department or firm.

While you're here I took the opportunity to learn work relating to accounting and auditing.

Although there are challenges and obstacles that I have to go through in order to complete the assignment, but this problem can be overcome in a good way.

The experience I gained during industrial training in Ash Strategic Management Services is meaningful and useful to me for me to practice in the workplace later.
To the polytechnic:
I also want to give a suggestion to the polytechnic can provide flexibility and a relatively long time for students to prepare and review the Industrial Training. Cooperation extended by the lecturers also need to produce good-quality report
To the company:
Providing a more structured planning task for students will undergo practical training in the company.
The Ash Strategic Management Services shall conduct the campaign in all educational institutions to introduce the company and open up more opportunities for trainees to undergo industrial training at this company
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