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Multiple Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence

No description

Abhishek Singh

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Multiple Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence

Multiple Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence
What is intelligence?

Authors - David Miller Sadker and Myra Pollack

Researchers - Howard Gardner and Daniel Goleman

Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
Was developed early in the twentieth century

Higher the score, the brighter the person

Confusing contradiction
Gardner's theory of multiple intelligence
Eight kinds of intelligence
Descriptive assessment
Traditional assessment

Updated curriculum

Descriptive ways of assessment

Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

Gardner's theory of multiple intelligence

Descriptive assessment

Emotional intelligence Quotient (EQ)


Emotional intelligence Quotient (EQ)
Ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions

Used in HR planning

Marshmallow temptation

A comparison

People with lower IQ can achieve better

Emotional intelligence determines
more about a person's life
Branches of emotional intelligence:-

Perceiving emotions

Reasoning with emotions

Understanding emotions

Managing emotions

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