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Tor Cartoon

An Alice/Bob cartoon to explain Tor Networks

C Scott

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Tor Cartoon

Directory Server Bob Alice "... without Trudy knowing!" "If only I could talk to Alice..." "I'll use Tor to talk to
Bob!" From Alice: "Can I have
a list of nodes?" Dir. Serv.: "Here you go!" Alice Before... Bob Alice: "omg bob
ur so cute" I'm going to send a secret to Bob! :D Trudy But! Trudy is monitoring Bob's traffic... Alice to Bob:
"omg bob ur
so cute" What can Alice and Bob do? Alice and Bob communicate
through normal Internet
connections... Bob Alice Now, Alice and Bob can
communicate anonymously! Alice sends her message through a Tor circuit. Node 1: Entry Node Node 2: Middle Node From Node 1:
"Send this to node 3:
{encrypted stuff}" Node 3: Exit Node From Node 2:
"Send this to Bob:
trudy is so dumb lol" From Node 3:
"trudy is so dumb
lol" :D Trudy Node 3 to Bob:
"trudy is so
dumb lol" Who said that?!
>:( Now, Trudy cannot tell who really sent the message. decrypt From Alice:
{encrypted stuff} decrypt From Node 1:
{encrypted stuff} decrypt From Node 2:
{encrypted stuff} A Short Cartoon
About Tor Networks Featuring... Alice Bob and Trudy From Alice:
"Send this to
node 2:
{encrypted stuff}" Protects Internet users from traffic analysis

HTTP headers contain information about source and destination: time, browser info, even cookies

Normal encryption (HTTPS) doesn't hide HTTP headers, only payload.

With Tor, the header information is also encrypted What’s the point? Originally developed for Naval research—protect gov’t communications

Used by military, journalists, activists, law enforcement, and everyone else.

Network of tunnels for improving privacy and security on the Internet

Encrypts and re-routes TCP packets between sender and receiver What is the Tor Network? Tor Encryption Method
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