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The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in popular culture

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Mariusz Sobczak

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in popular culture

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in popular culture

Robert Louis Stevenson's classic gothic novella "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. "Hyde" has been adapted many times and it is often a symbol of the horror genre in popular culture.
Several stage plays , radio dramas and even comic books were inspired by Stevenson's work.
There are over 123 film versions, as well as a number of parodies.

The first theatrical adaptation was a stage play in Boston produced in 1887.Richard Mansfield played the double role of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for over 20 years in many touring productions of the play.
There have been six Brodway productions of the story-the first one from the 1887.
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde became a popular Broadway musical in 1997("Jekyll and Hyde") and it ran far 1543 performances

The first movie was produced in the US , in 1908. There are no known existing copies of this film. A notable example is the American movie from the 1931.Frederic March, the director, won the Academy Award.The technical secret of the transformation scenes was not reveald until after the director's death.

There are also some foreign adaptations of the novella , for example :
1."The testament of Dr. Cordelier "-made -for TV French movie (1959)

3."Dr. Jekyll el Hombre Lobo"-Spanish movie ( 1972)
4."Jekyll and hyde"-animated Australian movie (1986)
The main motifs appear also in several cartoons and parodies.
1."Dr. Jekyll and Mr Mouse"-Tom and Jerry cartoon(1947)
2."Motor Mania"(Goffy cartoon) (1950)

3."The Prize Pest"(Daffy Duck adopts Dr, Jekyll's dual personality in order to scare Porky) (1951)
4."Hyde and go Tweet"(Sylvester and Tweety cartoon with the bird Tweety as the dual charakcter)
In 1990 Robert Bloch published his book "The Jekyll legacy" , a sequel Hester Lane , a reporter from Canada discovers Ahat she's Jekyll's heiress.
American writer Valerie Martin inspired by Stevenson's classic novel wrote "Mary Reilly"(1990).
It was nominated for the World Fantasy Award for the Best Novel in 1991.The story is told from the perspective of the house-maid,Marry Reilly.Her novel was also the basis for the 1996 film of the same name(Julia Roberts in the title role).

2."I Monster"-British movie (1971)

In the 1946 Warner Bros cartoon "Hare Remover" Elmer Fuold drinks a potion and turns into Hyde. Bugs Bunny refers to the 1941 film"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde(a remake from the 1931 with Spencer Tracy and Ingrid Bergman):" I think Spencer Tracy did it much better, don't you folks?"he says.

1. The British rock group "The
Who" released the song "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" on their album "Magic bus".It was written by the bassist , John Entwistle
2. "Dr. Heckyll and Mr Jive" is a song by the Australian group "Men at work".It was released on October 1982,as the lead single from their second album "Cargo".The title is a parody of the"The strange Case of Dr. Jrkyll and Mr. Hyde ". The song is about mad scientist who creates a potion that turns him into a handsome talkative man
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