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1920's Fashion: English Presentation

By Madeline and Tia

Madeline O.

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of 1920's Fashion: English Presentation

Fashion in the 1920's
By Madeline and Tia

Passing of the 19th amendment
New roles for women in workforce
Women accepted into colleges in America
Economic boom
King Tut's tomb discovered (Tutmania)
Glamorous Hollywood and sports idols
Men's Changing Fashion
-More youthful and tubular
-Economic boom led to new fashion code
-Less formal, but still respectable
-Copied famous stars and sports idols
-Hair was slick and neat
-Children's clothing was more comfortable
Reformed Freedoms for Women
-Passing of 19th amendment (women's right to vote)
-Women's suffrage
-Women in workforce
-More colleges in America began accepting women
-More egalitarian view on women's roles in society
-Even everyday actions were changed (allowed to smoke and drink alcohol in public)
Fashion Reflects New Freedoms
-Women's greater freedom and role in society transferred styles to more comfortable and practical clothing
-Strived for the look of a young, carefree, fun, and party-filled life
-Lost expectations from previous generation for women to be conservative
-Fashion trends displayed the ambitious and adventurous new generation
-Showed rebelliousness and new rights to freedom
-Overall style changes: less formal, more rebellious and youthful
-Women's new freedoms reflected in style changes (more risky, free, and masculine)
-Innovations reflected in fashion choices (Examples: Model T yielded more fur coats for cold car rides, King Tut's tomb discovery caused new trends - Tutmania!)
Women's Changing Fashion
-post WWII--new freedoms with free-flowing clothing
-Diverts from stifling clothing of previous generations (corsets and long socks)--easier to dance
-More casual, practical, and masculine
-Straight cuts and curveless--Garçonne look was more masculine
-Flapper look: younger and more vibrant
-Image of young, beautiful, and free-spirited
-Makeup became widely used
-Video: jewelry and women's fashion
Women's Changing Fashion Cont.
-Shorter, more curly hair to mimic youth; Cloche hats only able to be worn with short haircuts
-More fur coats for Model T (open, cold car rides)
-Makeup changes to look younger and more beautiful
-Egyptian styles
-Pants, flapper dresses, Garçonne look (more masculine)
-Modeled after idols; Coco Chanel
-Oriental looks more popular (Turkish, Chinese)
The Flapper
The Style: short hair, baggy dresses, rolled up stockings, pearls, jewelry, plenty of make-up
The Attitude: rebellious; effortlessly reckless, thrilling, and seductive; dramatic
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