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Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief Archetypes

No description

Evelyn Cruz

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief Archetypes

Loyal Retainer: Grover
The Damsel in Distress: Sally Jackson
"The Damsel in Distress-This vulnerable woman must be rescued by the hero. She also may be used as a trap, by an evil figure, to ensnare the hero." (Archetypes)
Mentor: Mr. Brunner
"Mentors-These individuals serve as teachers or counselors to the initiates. Sometimes they work as role models and often serve as father or mother figure. They teach by example the skills necessary to survive the journey and quest." (Archetypes)
Shape Shifter: Luke
"The Shapeshifter archetype is hard to describe by its very nature but in essence it acts to bring uncertainty and tension into a story, by changing appearance, mood, or behavior. In a romance, the hero and heroine can both be shapeshifters, adapting as external and internal demands require." (Goodin)
The Quest: Finding the Bolt
"The Quest -This motif describes the search for someone or some talisman which, when found and brought back, will restore fertility to a wasted land, the desolation of which is mirrored by a leader's illness and disability." (Archetypes)
Hero: Percy Jackson
The Lightning Thief Archetypes
The Unhealable Wound: Separation with Father
Magic Weapon: Riptide
Symbol: Water (Water vs. Desert)
"The Hero-In its simplest form, this character is the one ultimately who may fulfill a necessary task and who will restore fertility, harmony, and/or justice to a community. The hero is the one who typically experiences an initiation, who goes the community's ritual (s), et cetera. Often he or she will embody characteristics of YOUNG PERSON FROM THE PROVINCES, INITIATE, INNATE, WISOM, PUPIL, and SON" (Archetypes)
Percy must complete a challenge/ quest to show that he is ready for the outside world. He does many battles against the other half-bloods and also plays the game of "Capture the flag" to determine which team has the greatest ability to survive on their own. Percy battles Logan, the evil one, to retrieve the lightning bolt. Initiates are normally the ones who are innocent and shy, Percy starts out shy and quiet but once the journey goes on he becomes courageous and brave.
Percy Jackson
"Loyal Retainers-These individuals are like the noble sidekicks to the hero. Their duty is to protect the hero. Often the retainer reflects the hero's nobility" (Archetypes))
"He was best friends with Percy but also his protector against other gods. His job was to protect the hero which was Percy Jackson and his mother from any danger. Grover has been with Percy all his life as his normal human best friend but underneath all that he was a satyr, a demigod, with horns and fur. Grover is often witty and laid back which makes the movie interesting and enjoyable. He had some heroic qualities such as speed and strength. He was always there for him in times of need such as using his jacket to pick up Medusa's dead head, drive them all over state and stay in the underworld for a while so that he could find his mother. Percy's life means the world to him. Grover doesn't like going to the underworld because it's dark and full of misery and destroyed dreams." (Amanda)
Sally Jackson acts as the damsel in distress when she is captures by Hades and taken to the underworld. She is vulnerable because unlike Percy who is a demigod, she is just a normal human being with no power to protect herself against the Gods. She serves as a trap because in order for her to be saved, Percy must come to the underworld and face hades.
Mr. Brunner/Chiron acts as Percy’s mentor when he hands him the riptide which Percy will later find much helpful as he uses it throughout his journey. At camp halfblood, he teaches Percy how to fight and defend himself during the challenges against the other demigods. He also serves as a Father Figure considering Poseidon and Percy hardly ever have contact.
Luke seems to be a good person when he helps Percy by supplying him with weapons he might need on his journey to the underworld. As the story develops, so does Luke’s character and its revealed that he is the one who stole the lightning bolt from Zeus. Luke attempted to frame Percy as well by hiding the bolt in one of the weapons he gave him.
"Percy is granted a quest to find Zeus' Master Bolt which Chiron believes Hades has stolen. However, Zeus discovers Poseidon's broken oath and believes Percy stole the bolt. Percy has ten days before the summer solstice to find the symbol of power of the king of gods, and he is given magic shoes as a "gift" from Luke before leaving. However, Chiron tells him that it is a bad idea to use the shoes since Zeus might blast him out of the sky, so he gives them to Grover. Chiron hands over a pen to Percy, informing him that it is a gift from his father. When uncapped, a sword, called Riptide or Anaklumos, appears. Percy, accompanied by Annabeth and Grover, travels to western Long Island leading them closer to the Underworld in Los Angeles." (Amanda)
"The Unhealable Wound-This wound, physical or psychological, cannot be healed fully. This would also indicates a loss of innocence or purity. Often these wounds' pain drives the sufferer to desperate measures of madness." (Archetypes)
Percy is psychologically wounded by the separation he has with his father Poseidon. He feels that Poseidon didn’t love him enough to want to stay and grow together as a family. Little does Percy know, his father didn’t have much of a choice but to leave him and his mother. This was more to protect them rather than hurt them, reason being Poseidon promised to not have any more interaction with his demigod children.
The riptide is a pen that Percy receives from Mr. Brunner. He tells Percy that the pen will protect him from any danger, thus Percy Putting it to use when his teacher turns into a flying hairy creature. This is when he discovers that the pen is actually a sword to help him fight his battles against evil.
"The Magic Weapon-Sometimes connected with the Task, this refers to a skilled individual hero's ability to use a piece of technology in order to combat evil, continue a journey, or to prove his or her identity as a chosen individual." (Archetypes)
"Water vs. Desert-Because water is necessary to life and growth, it commonly appears as a birth or rebirth symbol. Water is used in baptism services, which solemnizes spiritual births. Similarly, the appearance of rain in a work of literature can suggest a character's spiritual birth." (Archetypes)
"Water is one of the major symbols, one of the major archetypes in the novel and movie and is Percy's "special weapon." Percy is able to control water, but at first doesn't understand his ability. In the novel he "punishes" Nancy with water from the water fountain at the museum. In the movie, the director focuses on Percy as he sits for minutes and minutes at the bottom of the swimming pool. We see Percy cross the river to capture the other team's flag--crossing the river into new territory, a new world for him as demi-god. Percy also is healed by water after fighting Annabeth. For Percy, water is the life source. Percy's house (built by his father) is located on the water--giving him strength. Percy is also able to defeat Luke through his control of water." (Percy)
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