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El Sistema Solar : Unidad Didáctica

No description

Débora Guillén

on 27 October 2016

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Transcript of El Sistema Solar : Unidad Didáctica

The Solar System and our planet: The Earth
Third grade of primary.
Twenty-five students.
The Solar System song:
1. Earth movements:
Three volunteers, they will make a representation of the movements of The Earth.
We will help them with questions.
If the answer is rigth, we will give them a card.
-Miniature of The Solar System.
-Sons of The Solar System.
-Cards with concepts.
-Video to meet the telescope.
-Miniature representing the Sun, The Earth and the Moon.
Standard socio-cultural and linguistic level.
First unit (Last week of September/first one of October)
-To know the basics concepts about the univers and The Solar System.

-To identify the rotation and revolution of the Earth's movements.

-To understand the consequence of this movements.

-To apreciate/recognize the purpose of the moon's movements in relation to the Earth's movements.
-To reinforce and integrate specific vocabulary about the topic in English.
-To listen and send out messages in English.
-To know and appreciate the scientific contribution that allowed to discover the universe.
2. Fill the poster:
Place the cards to complete the poster.
Test with a few questions:
-Nine groups (one for each element of The Solar System)
-Write the planet's characteristics on their card.
-They found the information in the song.
3. Meet the telescope:
Questions about how they know about this invention. Later we wil see a video.
-To do a miniature, representing the Sun, Moon and The Earth.

-The students can see how The Earth moves arround the Sun and how the Moon moves arround The Earth.
- As a teacher, we will ask to our learners giving them orientations. In this way, they think and meditate to found the best answer.
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