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future technology

future technologies by Nana and Tara

Nanaaa Nuengsit

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of future technology

by:Tara&Nana, 8C Future Technology Cars in the future Cars in the future will be all shapes and sizes, a popular prediction for the future of cars is that they will be solar powered. Air travel in the future Future transport Trains in the future Air travel in the future has many predictions, such as balloons, jet packs, flying cars and family sized blimps. Trains in the future will be super fast, streamline and very long so that it gets more people to places faster. Houses in the future Kitchens in the future Kitchens in the future will have lots of new technology such as ovens that make what you want it to or kitchen benches that adjust to your height. Bedrooms in the future In the future bedrooms might have new things such as on the walls you can have changing backgrounds and touch screen televisions that you can bring up on the walls. Games rooms in the future In the coming future games
room is said to be filled with
more stratigies and complication, the technology
will have all sorts of styles Medical changes in the future medical technology in the future In future medical technology, nano-robots, (or nanobots) will become normal with the medicine. Exact drugs in precise doses to the exact cells may be used at first by a trained physician and then later automatically. Medical Technology in the future Robotic surgery which is being used now will become more common in the future. computers that perform the operations will very quickly adapt to the situation, looking at individual bodies and considering risks of a person’s medical history. medical holograms in the future Holograms will be a huge part of future medical technology. personal holograms will be wirelessly connected to our brains for different reasons. For example, a psychotherapy session with a trusted psychologist half way around the world can take place with the help of your hologram. thankyou
patience :) Cars will also be extremeley fast and more spacious inside
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