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Prom Your Way 2013

No description

Shana Segbers

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Prom Your Way 2013

Welcome to
Midnight Another day comes to a close. With a moment
in between ... Another one begins.  something else Why the fuss? Is it more More than than hype? to sell us? inside of it? Is there something
to Something true day?  this Because isn't there something inside of us that dreams it to be possible? To let go... To be new... To start again... To leave it behind... To hold on... Is it possible?  Moments and people... Are there things to fight to live for? Love. All of your different dreams Is your life more than
just your own? Are there broken things you were made to
fight to fix? Broken Families... Broken Friends... Injustice Will you move for things that matter? One day at a time... Every day....  …for your story? Will you fight? …to be healthy? …to be free? Will YOU fight? But maybe there's something in Change takes more than a moment....  moment. this Something in the way it speaks to us Something in the way... we fear it. Maybe it's the most
honest moment of your year. It is possible to change. This is your Second Chance. Thanks for coming!  Second Chances: Prom Your Way that aches for change?
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