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Reza yousaf

on 14 October 2012

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Transcript of THE NEW IPAD

Made by APPLE The New IPAD The New IPAD is with brand new features counting the new operating system ios 6 and siri which was first added on the iPhone 4S. Over 200 new features are out there even as we speak. Most of the built in apps have been updated with better graphics and it's more clear when you zoom in compared to the ipad 2. Built in Apps THe APP STORE Features Your wish is Siri's command Siri There are so many built in apps
in the new Ipad. For instance, the
app store, safari, game center and
etc. One of my favorites are Game
center. The reason why I like Game
center is you can get points for
certain games like Flight control.
Also you can add friends and challenge
them in games. There are so many apps in the app store anyone to download. There are apps like iphoto,flipboard,NFL pro 13 and so on. The apps are also in different categories a search button to find the app you seek. NFL Pro 13 WWE app 1 What do you do to find out about which tablet to buy?

First of all, I would do research a lot on this tablet about the price, what color, how much GB is in it and etc. For instance, I would go online and find out the prices of this tablet like Best Buy, apple, future shop you name it, so I go on these websites and see the prices and find prices that are the same or different. Then I determine which store do I go to or order online from. I would be better off buying the iPad from the very apple store because it is the company that manufactured it and they know a lot about the very tablet by it self. Now the question is where do I find the locations that are not to far and the nearest one. For example, Fairview mall is one of the places where they have an apple store is. another one is the Eaton center which is also a place where the apple store is. As I find the locations I also would go on apple.com to find information about it. You could find about what is the technology inside of the iPad. For example, the apps, WI-fi, updated apps, the new operating system, and so on. Lastly, you would also want to know the new features compared to the iPad 2 and the battery life. This is what I would do find out about which tablet to buy. 2 Choose a tablet,who is your seller, how much money is the tablet? (with tax)

Well the tablet I would choose the new ipad because I know that it just came out in stores and I've even seen it in stores like apple, future shop, and best buy and etc. Also I chose the ipad because it has brand new features, updated apps, Siri for the first time in the new ipad, different colors,new operating system,different prices and so on. those are the reason's why I chose to do on the new ipad. The price for it is 499.00 dollars on Apple.com. the rest of the stores like Best Buy,Future Shop, and other electronic stores are 519.0o dollars.Sometimes those stores put on sales for 60.00 dollars off or 20.00 dollars off. My seller for this ipad is someone who has used a tablet but not the advanced ones like the ipad and that customer should know more than the person who works at a place at a store like best buy. the people at the apple store should know a lot about the product that's been sold because those workers already work at that place and the know how to fix a imac, macbook, iphone or ipod. 3.What does your plan include, how much does it cost?

My data plan is going to include how much GB is in it and since there is wireless internet connection at home for the internet to connect.If there isn't wi-fi than it won't work with internet.If there is no wireless connection and there is a wired connection then it will be connected to a wireless rooter to make it with internet all day.Another thing is internet will cost a minimum 25 dollars-30 dollars monthly.If you had an iPad already and you want to buy a new one you just transfer your data you already have in your iPad 2 to your 3rd generation iPad.the things to be transferred from the iPad 2 to the 3rd generation iPad is the sim card and all of your cellular data.the steps to do this is first take out the sim card with all of the data in it then take out the sim tray and put the sim card in to the new ipad. 4.How did the seller/Ads for your Tablet try to trick you?

The ads for this tablet tricked me by showing me the refurbished ipad and saying it's new. They also tricked me by showig me an ipad 2 and saying it's the new ipad. Those are the two ways that tricked me so I ended up returning both tablets and decided to never buy a tablet or phone from Best Buy or Future shop. I decide to go on the apple store the next time. Also I've figured out the sellers tricks now. If I see an Ipad the worker is holding with a cover at the back of it and he says it's the New ipad I just say "I'm not intrested in buying one, maybe later". Also if one of the employees tell me that it's brand new and they didn't put on display it yet, no way I am going to fall for thinkiing it's an used one. Now I know a lot of people have gotten tricked from these ads and I've even got tricked many times too. One time when I was in grade one the new transformers movie came out and there was a package sealed with something in it. When I saw it I saw a handheld system in there and I wanted it, but when I got home it ended up being a transformer that can transform into a videogame system. I was like oh co'mon really what a rip off. I knew that Toys R Us wouldn't take back the product if it was opened.So from that day I tried not to fall for these silly tricks I get into when this happens. 5.Will having a tablet in the classroom,help students or will it have more problems. explain using minimum 3 examples?

Having a Tablet in the classroom for students to use is going to have a lot of problems. Hear are my 3 examples explaining why it's a bad thing to have tablets in the classroom in school.

Example 1: First of all, This tablet could get stolen from the students locker when they aren't looking because the other student might think that this student is more richer and can afford this better tablet then mine.say I had the new iPad and the other student could only afford a blackberry playbook. THe student with the cheaper tablet would've been jealous that he can only afford this tablet and he can't afford an iPad. The student would switch the other student's iPad with the blackberry playbook when that student wasn't looking and that student steals the ipad.In many ways there are a lot of consequences.I that student's parent spent a lot of money on that tablet and after one day it gets robbed he/she.These are one of the reasons why there shouldn't be any tablets at a school.

Example 2: Secondly, THe teacher assigns the students to read this whole article about rocks and minerals from page 64-68 and the student gets bored and starts going on to the app store and downloading apps or go on the internet and watch inappropriate things that they aren't supposed to watch.The teacher might find out that this student is always going on the internet and watching things that they aren't allowed to watch.They can also find them downloading apps off the app store and play on them every period of class.If that student keeps on doing the same thing everyday they are going to fail a test if the teacher gives them one.The student also might distract other people when they are trying to do their work. that is the second reason why there shouldn't be tablets in school.

example 3: Lastly, There shouldn't be any tablets in school because what if the student forgets to charge tablet at night before they go to sleep.If the student forgets he/she would have to share with someone else and some people don't like sharing.Maybe the person who is looking at the screen and their partner takes the tablet out of their hand it might slip out of the person's hand and the tablet falls to the floor the person that dropped it is going to have to pay for it.Those are all of the reasons why no one should have a tablet or bring a tablet at school ever.YOu see last year in golf road, one of my friends brought a blackberry playbook and when he was playing soccer he left the tablet right next to the goal posts and when one of his friends were running with the ball they accidentally stepped on the playbook., but my friend managed to fix it some how.Those are all of the examples of bad things that happen when some one brings a tablet to school. To conclude this presentation I will show the New iPad trailer! By:Reza here are the instructions in the photo to take out the sim card from the ipad 2 and put in the new iPad Resource:www.apple.com Storyboard made by Reza
Directed by Reza
Produced by reza
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