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No description

Teresa Pham

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of The CIA

The Central Intelligence Agency
Created by Teresa Pham
CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) History
Intelligence activities began with, the first president of the United States, George Washington.
Become coordinated on a government basis during WWII.
The National Security Act of 1947 signed by President Truman finally establish the CIA.
President George W. Bush created new positions of Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (D/CIA) in CIA, on December 17, 2004.
Mission of the CIA
Investigate and collect data on foreign intelligence to assist the president and US government on national security.



The national bird is the bald eagle. The eagle stands for strength and alertness.
There are 16 points on the compass and it symbolize their search of intelligence around the world. It is also a shield which symbolize defense.
Four basic components of the CIA:
The National Clandestine Service
The Directorate of Intelligence
The Directorate of Science and Technology
The Directorate of Support
The National Clandestine Service
They are the spies
Uses covert action
The Clandestine operations are used to gather information (highly secretive)
The Directorate of Intelligence
Examine the sources of all intelligence and create reports or papers on the data collected.
They analyze intelligence using satellite photographs, foreign media, agent reports and sophisticated senors.
The Directorate of Science and Technology
Solve problems using scientific, engineering and technical solutions
Use state-of-the-art technologies
Directorate of Support
Provide 24/7 service for informational technology, medical, security, financial management and safe facilities.
Getting a Job at the CIA
Good communication skills(writing and speaking)
Can speak a foreign language is a plus
Strong academic record
US citizens
Complete a background check
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Clandestine Service's entry level $53,000 - $81,000
NCS Language Officer makes $52,000 – $95,000
Analyst makes $50,000 – $97,000
Open Source Officer makes $58,000 – $116,000
Special Agent makes $75,000 - $155,500
Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
Data Scientist makes $51,000 - $137,000
Science, Technology, and Weapons Analyst makes $68,000 – $100,000
Research Scientist makes $65,000 – $156,000
More Jobs:
Graphic Designer, Multimedia/ Web Designer, Publications Officer & Video Producer/Director make $50,000 – $97,000
Librarian make $49,000 – $95,000
Clinical Psychologist makes $88,000 – $134,000
Sign Language Interpreter makes $75,000 – $116,000
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