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moveon4 first steps after migration

for training/presentation purposes

QS Unisolution

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of moveon4 first steps after migration

Once you have an Internet connection and you have set up
your new password, you can access
moveon 4
from anywhere.

Please note that the automatic logout time of the system
is 20 minutes! You can change it in the General Settings.

cooperation content
cooperation activity

Stay opportunities:
all mobility possibilities (same list as under Relations: relation type = Stay opportunity)

number of students per year (the total displays the sum of all durations - if the agreement states that two students may visit for 5 months each, the duration
is 10).

potential offer of appartments/student accommodation.

occupancy of booked rooms/actual stays.

relation (type = stay opportunity)

(type = partnership)
relation (type = visit)
relation content
relation (type = project)
This section displays a list of your communication such as
personal notes and documents and incoming emails (included
in the email integration Add-On).

The Higher Education Directory displays all universities
previously included in moveonnet.

all persons (both students and staff) who have or are undertaking a mobility.

Stay wishes:
all desired exchange wishes for outgoing participants only.
Each wish has a line of its own (if one student has applied for five universities, five lines will be displayed).
Once imported, 1 stay wish = 1 stay

all individuals included in the database (students, teachers, coordinators, etc.)

Course units:
all course units which have been linked to a Stay including details about the duration, credits and grades
(for example first semester, Children Psychology, 6 ECTS).

all online applications received from all of your forms (initiated or completed applications).
Please note that the import of the applications is not possible from this view at the moment.

Stay evaluations:
student reports, downloaded or not.


first steps after migration

MOBILITY/ Stay Opportunities
MOBILITY/ Accommodation
moveon 3
moveon 4

The Dashboard gives you quick and simple access to the contents you
work the most with!

Once you save any of your personal views in the main sections,
you can display them on the dashboard.

This section gathers all relations between your institution and
other institutions and is available with the Standard package only!

moveon 4 uses the new, collective concept of Relations.
The moveon 3 functionality has been mapped as follows:

moveonline exchanges, cooperations,
cooperation programme,
agreement type
In this section, you can use your Funding types
(from Reference Table) to easily create your Funding,
set up Grant Rules and finally allocate the grant
to the student under the Stay.

Mobility management covers all exchange possibilities
(both incoming and outgoing) and courses or
accommodation management.
Settings provides tools for user administration, management
of email and document templates, online publishers
as well as the configuration and import of your online forms.
Add and configure your Portals and Publishers.
Set up and configure your default incoming + outgoing Online Forms.
Import the answers as a Stay wish (outgoing) or Stay (incoming).

document type
moveon 3
moveon 4
Congratulations on your successful migration!
RELATIONS/ Relations
RELATIONS/ Institutions
SETTINGS/ Templates
SETTINGS/ Online services
SETTINGS/ Reference Tables
SETTINGS/ Administration
SETTINGS/ Integration
Add new users to the moveon 4 back office.
Creating customised roles in the system and assigning them to the users.
Upload document templates previously created in Word with merge fields.
Add area-specific email templates for mass communication.

Your home screen is split into two parts.

On the left, a navigation panel gives you quick access to different functions of
moveon 4
. This presentation will walk you through each of them.

The function specific content is then displayed on the right, as a series of tabs, similar to a web browser.
This area provides you with settings for e.g. Frameworks (exchange programmes), subject areas and degree programmes or Stay types.
This area allows you to set custom fields, lists for academic years and periods and Erasmus+ settings.
You can set up email accounts for integration with your email servers here
(included in the Email integration Add-On).
If you have any additional questions regarding moveon 4,
please contact our support team:

For further tutorials, visit our Helpcenterl:

For our current training offer (online trainings, staff training weeks, group trainings
or individual training possibilities, please visit our website:


Next steps:
If you do not yet have an agreed project with us to set up your online forms,
please contact our user support for next steps and recommendations.


all Relations undertaken with external institutions (e.g. student exchanges). The name should include information such as "framework + partner institution + level"

agreed flows within partners

universities, companies or any other entities registered in the database, both partners and non-partners.

all external contacts within these institutions.

Internal institutions:
internal faculties or departments in your institution/ tree structure.

Internal contacts:
all types of contacts in your institution.
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