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European Union time-line

A brief history, plus key events of each year from 1946 onwards.

Gertjan Goossens

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of European Union time-line

European Union 1950 Plan for cooperation between European states, ‘The Schuman Declaration’.
1951 Treaty of Paris: the European Coal and Steel Community. countries: Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Germany (West Germany). Treaty of Rome, which launched the European Economic Community (EEC) Formation of the EEC Formation of ECSC 1951 1957 The Customs Union was created: all import tariffs among the six EEC countries were eliminated. Formation of the
Custums Union 1968 The first election of the European Parliament took place through direct elections European Elections 1979 The Maastricht Treaty European Union (EU). N
New ambitious goals:
monetary union
European citizenship
new common policies
etc. Creation of the EU 1992 The Lisbon Treaty
It strengthened the EU’s ability to act on the global stage, and gave a greater voice to the European Parliament, national parliaments and citizens. Lisbon treaty 2009 Euro notes and coins came into circulation in a number of Member States. the Euro 2002 time-line Countries 2013 Schengen treaty
little or no border or visa controls 1985
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