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5 Old Methods Of Storing Data

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Tyrell Inderwood

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of 5 Old Methods Of Storing Data

Cloud Based Assignment
How do I currently save my work?
To be honest, I currently use folders to save my work when i get home because it is easy to just add my work to a folder and it will stay there, in my opinion, it is the easiest way to save your storage. When i need to bring my data somewhere, I use USB to save my data and to show it to someone, it is easy because it keeps the data no matter what and the only real flaw to it is just don't lose it.
I think that the breaches happened because the cloud was weak because a lot of people were using it or maybe the internet was down which made it easy to hack the cloud. It can also be the case that they were really good at breaching stuff, but the cloud should be impossible to breach since Microsoft owns it and i dont think anybody should be able to breach it.
What does it offer?
When you use the cloud, it can give you extra capacity for saving a lot more stuff than you already can and you can access your data any where including from your email and other sources. You can use this service for a business because you can access it from anywhere and you dont need any hardware like USB's and other stuff and you can just access it from your email. You can also send your work to other people by using the cloud.
5 Old methods of storing data
1.USB is an old method that lot of people still use to store their data and it is great if you want to bring your data to somewhere else. It doesn't have much cons but some pros are that you can carry it anywhere.
2.Pen and Paper is an old method that somewhat works when someone's computer isn't working and people still use it. Some cons are that if you lose the paper then you are screwed.
3.external hard drives are good for for storing big stuff and it has about 100 gigabytes and is still used today.
4.Floppy discs aren't used as much now as they were back then because there are better ways to save your storage and it doesnt have much space.
5.CD's are good for burning things and are still used today for a lot of things and is a reliable source for saving storage.
5 Cloud based services
1. Amazon Web Services has no minimum fee and you estimate your monthly bill by using the AWS simple monthly calendar. The security center provides an extremely scalable, highly reliable platform that enables customers to deploy applications and data quickly and securely. its storage is highly scalable, reliable, secure, fast, inexpensive infrastructure that Amazon uses to run its own global network of web sites.
2.Google Compute Engine charges for usage on a monthly basis, using the following price sheet. It uses built-in data privacy and security capabilities with data encryption on disk. It uses a durable and highly available object storage service. With global edge-caching, The users have fast access to your app’s data from any location.
3.Cloudbees offers a starting price of 60 dollars a month and you can upgrade to 200 dollars a month. Cloudbees have something called 4 enterprises of plugins and these plugins help administrators secure their projects and/or installations.The Cloudbees file system isn't persistent, so content will be lost after a redeploy/restart. A possible workaround is to use a local file system for quick access to file resources but store them in amazon S3 (or any other storage service).
5 Cloud based services (continued)
4.Rackspace offers that you pay 50 dollars, 500 dollars or 5,000 dollars monthly.For Rackspace, security starts with protecting the integrity of your data and guarding against service interruptions.Cloud Files provides online object storage for files and media, delivering them globally at blazing speeds over a worldwide content delivery network (CDN). You can store as many files as you want.
5.Cloudsigma offers that you pay 50 dollars a month.Since the very beginning, all they're web app (the cloud control panel) and they're API has been configured to accept SSL connections only.To further boost performance and reduce the impact of any drive failure they use small 2.5” 500GB drives. If any drive fails in an array they quickly replace it and the RAID array is re-constituted in a much shorter period of time.

In my opinion, the best cloud based service to use is Amazon Web Services because it is the cheapest out of all of them and it has the best security and the storage is the best.
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