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Democracy. The Corridors of Power

No description

Ms. Mc Caffrey

on 12 January 2018

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Transcript of Democracy. The Corridors of Power

Democracy. The Corridors of Power
Can you name some of the government departments?
The Civil Service
It is the job of the Civil Service to advise the Ministers on what policies the government should follow. Civil servants look for money to help improve and develop their departments services. They do all the paper work for the government too.
It is up to the Civil Service to carry out the governments decisions.
Like the army and the gardai the civil servants are loyal to whatever government is in power.
5. What does the constitution state?

6. What are the two houses of the Oireachtas?

7. How many years does a president serve?

8. Who is our president?

9. Name one job of the president.

10. Name and describe a government department.
1. What is our form of government?

2. What does democracy mean?

3. What is our constitution called?

4. What is each section of the constitution called?
Aim: To know about government departments and the civil service.
Department of Health and Children
Is in charge of the governments health policy.
Pays salaries for doctors and nurses.
Promotes healthy living.
Works with the HSE (Health Service Executive) to plan and provide a good service.
Minister for Health
Simon Harris

Department of Finance
Looks after the finance of the country
Sets the rate for taxes
Decides how much money all other departments have to spend.
Draws up a budget that says how much money the government need to take in and how much it can spend.
Minister for Finance
Michael Noonan

Department of Education and Skills
This department is responsible for primary, secondary, and special education in Ireland.
Give grants to universities and colleges.
Funds schools and pays teachers
Provides training programmes.
Minister for Education
Richard Bruton
It was set up in Ireland to deal with the crisis in Irish banks.
It has taken over all the bad loans that banks have made to people, mainly in property.
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