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No description

alvin andrien

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Spiderman

The call
The Preparation
Guardians of Threshold
Crossing the threshold
Road of trials 1
Road of trials 2
Saving experience
Sharing the gift
The Return
Why Peter's parents abandoned him. And he received a mysterious suitcase
Gwen Stacy Auntmay and uncle Ben
After a spider came into his body , he spent a lot of time practicing his super skills.
Uncle Ben got shot by a stranger
When he began to wear the mask
Girlfriend's father tried to catch him and he knew that his enemy was her father ex-partner
Curtis Connors --the biggest challenge
He got injured by the sniper and citizens were trying to help him.
He understood the true meaning of a spider man (help and save human around him)
He went back to school and had a normal class
All the citizens believed in spider man and felt safe all the time. The spider man gave human sense of safety
Similarities between Spiderman and The Alchmist
They both enter a new world
They both have the same obstacle
They both share the gift that they got from the experience

Differences between Santiago and Spiderman
Santiago got his power by learning through his journey
Spiderman got his power instantly.

Spiderman wore a mask to cover his actual identity but Santiago didn't

In spiderman, Peter's uncle died but in the alchemist, no one died.

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