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Impact of War on Tourism

No description

yumpoosim commerce

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of Impact of War on Tourism

Impact of War on Tourism
Impacts of War
War reduces the production of food and water which is a necessity
It affects the society mostly children and traumatizes their mental state which makes them judge traveling
Destruction of emergency centres such as hospitals can affect health and safety of individuals.
It affects the environment
War affects the safety of woman and places them in critical conditions especially in the period of maternity
Countries Experiencing War
Countries such as Syria and Afghanistan and other Middle- Eastern countries are most active with war
These countries are very dangerous to visit, thus affecting the results of tourism
Travellers experience great difficulties when on premises of these war fields due to the countries political instability.
Expert Advice
In Middle-Eastern countries such as Afghanistan and Syria, smartraveller.gov.au smartly advises not to travel to the locations due to the high risks of death & danger.
If you decide to travel to such destinations, your life is at the palm of your hands. YOU ARE TRAVELLING AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!
Majority of people who view the actions of war are left traumatised for a long period of time.
Causes of War
To gain Land
To gain resources like oil, gold, etc.
Obtain superiority over another country/nation
To resolve economical issues, such as; debt, corruption and bankruptcy.
Religious disputes
Contradictory views/ideas/beliefs
The impacts of war on tourists can be awfully negative. This drastically affects tourists due to the mental and physical trauma and violence that have been hammered in their hearts. This is why most travel agencies suggest not to travel in these sort of circumstances.
"Live in peace, not pieces
because when one dies,
a million cries.."
- yumpoosim
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