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FCG Media Kit

A description of the full multimedia capabilities of Florida Communications Group (the parent company of WFLA NewsChannel 8, The Tampa Tribune, Centro and more) in Tampa Bay.

Jennifer Yarter

on 9 July 2010

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Transcript of FCG Media Kit

A different kind of media company Our Print Products FCG Media Solutions combines the power of Tampa Bay's most well known media brands with services offered by high end advertising agences. Graphic
Design Social Media Targeted Market
Research Television Creative
Production Newspaper Online Co-op Campaign
Management Magazines Only 189,000 Tampa Bay adults will buy coffee at Starbucks this month. Only 799,000 Tampa Bay adults will shop on eBay this month. Only 882,000 Tampa Bay adults will go to McDonalds this month. Only 1.5 million Tampa Bay adults will drink a Coke or Diet Coke this week. In a week, over 2.4 million
Tampa Bay adults will use
one of our products. Only 1.9 million Tampa Bay adults will search for something on Google this month. Our Mission:
Every Person,
Every Minute,
Every Day Our Television Products Our Interactive Products Our Hispanic
Marketing Products Our Service Products Sales & Marketing Strategies Creative Production, Print Layout & Graphic Design Targeted Market Research Co-op Campaign Management Social Media Strategy Hillsborough County's #1 Newspaper No other newspaper reaches more active consumers in the Tampa Bay market!

The Tampa Tribune is the Tampa Bay areas best newspaper for reaching adults ages 25-54 earning $75,000+ in household income. WFLA News Channel 8 -
Tampa Bay's #1 source for news! #1 local news and information
website in Tampa area with over
2 million unique visitors each month.

Plus! Our partnership with Yahoo!
ensures your message gets noticed by
even more people. Our dedicated team of mobile experts
can design mobile campaigns that are
on the cutting edge of the future
of advertising. Reach the fastest growing segment of population in Tampa. Why Florida Communications Group? We are the only multimedia company in Florida with newspapers, television, online, mobile and niche products. Free production
of newspaper, magazine and direct mail advertising! Let us show you creative ways to target voters online with Yahoo! behavioral targeting. Market Phone Surveys
Internet surveys
Focus groups
Market research
Competitive Advertising Analysis
Social Media Monitoring & Research 76% FCG Reaches 76% of all Tampa Bay Adults each week..2.6 million adults in all. FCG Reaches 78% of all Tampa Bay registered voters each month. 78% FCG Reaches 79% of all Tampa Bay adults who always vote in statewide elections. 79% FCG Reaches 85% of all Tampa Bay adults who always vote in local elections. 85% What keeps YOU up at night? Running behind in the polls?
Bad news in the press?
Not engaging enough voters?
Lagging in a specific geography?
Too many undecided voters?
Your opponent has an edge in key issues? How FCG Can Help You Problem #1:
Lagging in specific Geographic area

Solution: FCG's zoned print products delivered right to your voters' doorsteps. Problem #2:
Your opponent leads in a key issue

Solution: FCG's partnership with Yahoo can allow you to place online advertising targeting specific keywords or behavioral search activity. How FCG Can Help You How FCG Can Help You Problem #3:
Bad PR or negative news stories

Solution: Deliver a print ad that allows you to target high income, educated, politically involved voters How FCG Can Help You Problem #4:
Not engaging voters

Solution: Use TBO Banner advertising to reach audiences who are reading news during working hours
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