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The Story of my Life

No description

Haley Chastain

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of The Story of my Life

The Story of My Life By: Helen Keller Prezi by: Haley Chastain Plot Exposition:
In the beginning, this book discusses Keller's early childhood before she became ill. It discusses when and where she was born (June27th, 1880-Tuscumbia, Alabama), along with her many family members and loved ones. Rising Action:
At the age of 19 months old, Keller obtained an illness called acute congestion of the stomach and brain. Conflict:
Though the illness Keller had was supposed to kill her,
the fever left her unexpectedly. However, it left her both blind and deaf. Climax:
Keller's parents contacted the director of the Perkins Institution for blind people in Boston to find a teacher for Keller. In 1887, Anne Sullivan came to be her teacher. Miss Sullivan spent all of her life with Keller from then on, teaching her how to use the manual alphabet and Braille, assisting her in her studies, and truly being her best friend. Falling Action:
Keller attended the Cambridge School for Young Ladies to prepare herself for college. With assistance from Miss Sullivan, Keller flourished in her studies. She studied many subjects while there, including English, Literature, German, Latin, Greek, arithmetic, physics, algebra, geometry, astronomy, and many more areas. Resolution:
Keller was accepted to Radcliffe college. She studied many languages, composition, and history subjects. Though the difficulties were quite extreme, she longed to test her strength by the standards of those who could see and hear. Setting The story mainly took place in Tuscumbia, Alabama, where the Keller family resided. However, there was also many scenes in Boston at the Perkins Institution for the Blind, at the Keller's summer cottage in Fern Quarry, at the Cambridge School for Young Ladies, and at Radcliffe College. Major Characters Helen Keller- a deaf, blind girl with great ambitions and an inspirational dedication to obtaining knowledge. Arthur Keller- Helen's father. Kate Adams Keller- Helen's mother Mildred Keller- Helen's sister that was very close to her. They attended Cambridge together. Anne Sullivan- Helen's dedicated teacher and close companion throughout her lifetime. Alexander Graham Bell- helped the Kellers throughout their difficult journey and gave much advice to help Helen. Mr. Anagnos- director of the Perkins Institute. Mr. Anagnos and Helen were very fond of each other, until a misunderstanding came about that would forever end their friendship. Sarah Fuller- taught Helen how to speak. Mr. Gilman- principal of the Cambridge School for Young Ladies Mr. Kieth- Helen's personal tutor that prepared her for applying to Radcliffe.
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