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Virtual Reality in Education

No description

Khaled Salman

on 16 November 2013

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Transcript of Virtual Reality in Education

Information Technology Authority
Center of Excellence for eContent and Application Development

ICT Industry development in areas
- e-Content and applications development by enabling:
- start-ups, incubated companies, - Private sector
- Government organizations
to utilize the CoE infrastructure and services to develop e-content and applications which conform to technology standards and are vendor neutral
Development of dynamic web sites and portals that enable processing and merging between e-Content and online applications as well as creating content rich applications and innovative services
Training and qualifying
in managing and designing e-content and complex applications according to best practices and accepted industry standards
Providing expertise and knowledge in specific areas such as animation, 3D, simulation and virtual lab

Providing expertise and knowledge in application development techniques and methodologies utilizing Java, .NET and mobile platforms
To facilitate the funding and development of new companies and entrepreneurs and assisting these companies to develop products and services
Thank you
Information Technology Authority
EON Reality
(Technology Provider)
Business Development Strategy
Partnership with private sector through development program
Partnership with tertiary institutions through internships and projects
Partnership with government through project implementations
VR Tools
3D Graphics and Animation
Dynamic Multimedia Application, Audio & Video Production
2D Animation, Graphic Design & Desktop publishing
1-2 months
3 months
9 months
Recruitment of Trainees
Publish announcement
Receive application
Exam & Interview
Announce the result
3 month course
Digital Media
EON Software
Entrepreneurship skills
Certified exam
Trainees will get allowance (Graduates)
On-job-training as VR resources
Soft skills training
Trainees will be paid according to the assigned work accomplishment
Incubation/Post Incubation
Form companies or free-lance work
The payment will be according to the business awarded through fair competition and quotations.
Planned KPIs for the IDC over 5 years
From the second year at least 20% of each project are delivered by incubates
440-600 trained on VR Technologies @100-120 per year
200 Entrepreneur School potential incubates
440-600 new direct and indirect jobs/business opportunities generated
20 new SME start-up companies in digital media technologies
- Platform accessibility
- Specialized Training
Local Business
start ups are going to get the technical training skills and international experience through the center operator to help then enhance their business and develop their products.
Training Strategy
Capacity Building Strategy
Virtual Reality in Education
Action from ITA
Proposed Workshop

Action from Academe
Simulation based learning to comprehend faster, remember longer, make better decisions
Safety simulation training to perform sensitive or dangerous tasks out of harm’s way in virtual reality
Interact in 3D with your bare hands (or feet) using gesture based motion
- Technical Training
- Entrepreneurship skills
- Creating Jobs
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