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The Driggers Family History

The fourfathers of my mother.

Tiffany Cannon

on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of The Driggers Family History

Chad Cannon Julia Driggers Cannon Donald Avery Driggers Sarah Coffey Marguerite Cote Claude Alton Driggers (1912-1976) Earl 12 March 1935 Margaret 29 September 1936 Donald 1 September 1938 Adrian 6 April 1940 Sue 11 June 1942 Debbie 30 July 1953 Dottie 21 October 1948 Irma (died at 2 years old in 1934) William Henry Driggers (1875-1955) The Driggers Family History Donald was born September 1, 1938
He was born in Citronelle of Citrus Coutny Florida
Claude's nickname for Don was "Stud"
At age 17, Don joined the U.S. Navy as a Seaman Apprentice
He was stationed in Sanford, Florida where he met his first wife Sarah Don and Sarah had four children:
Roger Allan Driggers, Nov 11, 1958
Julie Lynn Driggers, May 7, 1960
Ronald Glenn Driggers, June 11, 1962
Krystal Dawn Driggers, Sept 21, 1966 Marguerite was Don's second wife, they had two children:
Martha Ann Driggers, May 19, 1969
Raymond Donald Driggers, Jan 6, 1971 In 1973, Don was assogned as the curriculum coordinator of the Aviation Electronics school in Millington, Tn.
Shortly afterwards he was promoted to Senior Chief of Millington.
In 1976, Don retired from the U.S. and moved to Florida in an attempt to be close to his father, Claude.
In 1977, Don was offered a position as Deputy Warden at the Screven County prison in Georgia.
In 1978, The Driggers house was burned down by a teenager with mental problems, the house was rebuilt and within two weeks was burned down again.
Don moved back to Millington, Tn. looking for a new start, and opened his business, "Don's Automotive"
Claude Alton Driggers was born March 19, 1912
He was born in Citronelle of Citrus County Florida
Claude married Velma Hunter on May 6, 1931.
Claude and Velma had eight children: Claude was in his early 20's when the Great Depression hit America.
Claude worked in citrus farms for a living
With the series of hurricanes that came through Florida in 1926 made making a living farming fruit very difficult.
In 1929 the Mediterranean fruit fly invaded the state, and citrus production was cut by about sixty percent. William "Willie" Henry Driggers was born October 6, 1875.
He was born in Lebonon, Levy County Florida.
He married Gussy Priest on March 9, 1902.
This marriage didn't last, Willie later married Kelsadra "Pency" Edwards and had 12 children.
They're marriage date was not know but possibly around 1906 or 1907 when Willie was 32 and Pency was 17.
She was 15 years younger than Willie.
He ran a Citrus farm and a Sugar Cane farm Like all of his son's Wlliam was also a fruit farmer in mid Florida.

In 1884 the farmers and growers were given a boost when the Florida Orange Canal and Transit Company built a canal from the groves to the Lake Panasoffkee railhead.

How ever this did not help William's business do to the location of the canal. He still had to transport his fruits to the markets in the East by horse and buggy. Which I like to think influenced our family to be hard working people. Julie, my mother, is the daughter of Donald.
Julie is the oldest girl of the six of Donald's children. Family Story I was once told by my granddad, Donald,
that one day his dad Claude and all of
his uncles where sitting around playing
poker at a family event. The game ended
up turning south for everyone, do to the
fact that Cladue had caught a person
cheating. It clearly upset him to be playing
with a cheater, because after they found out
the guy had been cheating Claude pulled out
his pistol and shot the guy in the knee.
I always thought this was a funny story growing
up because Donalad, my grandad has always been
known for be a bit of a hard ass. Plus the fact
he loves to play cards, even taught me how to
play cribbige. I was always scared to even try to
cheat against him, ever. I think this experience
growing up has help me become a very honest person,
clearly because my great grandad didn't care for men
who couldn't be honest! Domestic Struggle 1 2 3 I have been told the story time and time again from many different members of my family. When my Granddad lived in Screven County for the first time there was this young teenager who had problems with my granddad. One day the teenager burnt his house to the ground for no apparent reason. This was a really hard time for my mother and all of her siblings because money was so scares for them and now they had no home to love in. Once they were able to rebuild the house almost immediately afterward the same teenager burnt down the new house. Luckily enough no one was really hurt more than just morally. I have been told by my mom and my uncle that for months on end all they would eat for weeks would be just rice and sometimes they’d be able to afford to buy lima beans to spread over the top. I feel very fortunate that I have everything I have today because my ancestors all came from a very hard and very poor life. When the houses burnt down my Granddad moved him and all six of the kids while working days at an auto shop. He also opened a janitorial service and worked nights to bring in extra money for the family! My uncle told me that his job was to walk home after school work the afternoons on someone’s farm get paid in eggs from the chickens and that was always the family’s breakfast. When he would get home he would load the van ride around all night with his older brother and dad clean companies and buildings all night long. He said that he would ride in the back of the van doing his home work until he finished then would sleep in between buildings and would wake up scrub toilets then go back to sleep in the back of the van.
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