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Horrible Hodgkins

By Jai and Alex (Antwon and Oktane)

Oktane Colors

on 9 June 2010

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Transcript of Horrible Hodgkins

Horrible Hodgkins Things that will be talked
about Hodgkins Disease What Hodgkins Disease is... How it develops... And how it can be cured! What is Hodgkins Disease? Well, to start off, Hodgkins Disease is a cancer
It is also known as a lymphoma
This is originated in the white blood cells, when the lymph nodes is swelling or getting bigger
These nodes can be felt under the neck, groin, or under your arms
If they are enlarged, it is either because you are fighting a cold, but if these lodes are still enlarged, this means that you have a possible chance of Hodgkins Lymphoma which brings us to the next question...

How does Hodgkins Lymphoma develops? There are many reasons to why Hodgkins Lymphoma develops.
The main reason is because this cancer begins in white blood cells, and as it travels through the blood, it causes the rapid growth of these lymphocytes and this causes the tissue to expand and kill healthy tissue.
Symptoms that you may feel are chills, night sweats and unexplained weight loss Hodgkins Lymphoma What are some cures for Hodgkins Lymphoma? Although these ways of curing can't cure all Hodgkins Lymphoma, if you identify that you have Hodgkins Disease early, it is easier to cure
Some ways to cure this disease is Chemotherapy, which is the use of chemicals to kill cancer
Another way is Radiation Therapy which is when the use of radiation is put on a specific spot to kill the cancer that you are looking for
The final way to cure Hodgkins Lymphoma is http://www.cancer.org/docroot/CRI/content/CRI_2_2_2X_What_causes_Hodgkins_disease_Can_it_be_prevented_20.asp
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