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Stolen Day By: Sherwood Anderson

No description

Sarah Pereverzoff

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of Stolen Day By: Sherwood Anderson

Stolen Day
By: Sherwood Anderson

There are multiple settings in the story but the major ones are the narrator's house, and the creek in his town.
A quote where the setting is shown is when he says, "He could go fishing in the creek or the waterworks pond."
This quote explains the setting because Walter goes fishing there and the narrator ends up going there to fish too, since he thinks he must do what Walter does.
Part of the story also takes place at the school yard, where he tells the teacher that he doesn't feel well.
The theme of this story is that things aren't always as they seem.
A quote to support this is, "I heard the last of the inflammatory rheumatism. I was sick all right, but the aching I now had wasn't in my arms or in my back."
The quote supports the theme because the theme, because the narrator thought he has inflammatory rheumatism. He says he didn't ache in legs or back, but somewhere else.
The protagonist of the story is the narrator who is the little boy. A trait to describe the narrator is paranoid, because he keeps thinking he has the disease.
A quote for this is, "Walter, who had inflammatory rheumatism, that's what they called it."
He is paranoid because since Walter has it, he thinks that he must have it too.

The tone of this story is sad and mysterious.
" I might die I thought. I might just suddenly drop dead right here; my heart might just stop beating."
This quote explains the sad and mysterious tone because he is always thinking about himself dying and how he never knows when he will die.
Point Of View
The conflict is character vs. self because the narrator thinks that he has inflammatory rheumatism.
"He was inflammatory rheumatism and all... It was then that my own legs began to hurt."
The narrator saw Walter at the creek and he has inflammatory rheumatism. When he is walking to school, the narrator starts to ache and thinks he is like Walter.

The overall mood has a sad and morbid feeling because he is thinking about death, and the awful things that will happen to him if he has the disease.
"I thought, I'll bet i die of it. I bet I do"
"If i wasn't dead when I hit the water, I'd drown for
This shows that he is always thinking about death and dying.
The point of view is first person.
"I ache all over" is a quote that shows this.
This story is in first person because the quote has "I" in it.
The narrator introduces Walter and his inflammatory rheumatism
Inciting Incident:
The narrator starts to ache at school and goes home. He starts to think that he has inflammatory rheumatism. His mom tells him to go upstairs and he starts to think that she doesn't care about him.
Rising action:
The narrator decides to go down to the creek to look for Walter, who isn't there so he decides to fish.
While he is fishing he thinks about whether or not to tell his family, and he decides not to because he thinks they will laugh.
Falling action
: He catches a big fish and goes home so everyone can eat it for dinner. While they are eating his father asks him why he left school early. He tells his family about the inflammatory rheumatism and they start laughing, so he runs upstairs crying.
After telling his family he starts to ache less and less, and realize that he might not actually have it.
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