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No description

Lauren Conroy

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of IPAD

iPads In Education
Looking Back
Who Uses The iPad?
Why Are They So Popular in Education?
iPads are becoming an increasing part of our everyday lives. Proper planning and goals must be obtained in order for the iPads to be successful in schools.
The iPad in
Our Schools
Lauren Conroy
ED 310
Artifact Project
2012-Electronic Textbooks
Apple announced efforts to further the market in K-12 electronic-textbook market.
2012-iBooks 2 App
Apple released the iBooks 2 app for digital textbooks, allowing quick and inexpensive updates.

2013-Use In Classrooms
Over 1.5 million iPads are currently being used in classrooms.
2017-Obama's Prediction
(Schaffhauser, 2012)
1983-Steve Jobs' Speech
2010-iPad's Begin to Sell
Why I Chose The iPad
Sandy Conroy-Retired Paraprofessional
Nic Garcia- Retired Principal
Connie Garcia-Retired Educator and Administrator
Christopher Conroy-Optometrist
Traci Conroy- Mother
Bailey Conroy-Toddler
Lauren Conroy-Teacher Candidate
Theme Parks
Movie Watchers
Retired Citizens
Young Children
And MANY more.....
Easy To:
Save paper
Practice organizational skills
Students Can Use it To....
Play interactive learning games
Highlight texts and take notes
Watch lectures
It Can:
Convert spoken language to typed text
Provide countless apps
Test students' comprehension
Provide students with reading assistance
Help students with exceptionalities
Turn multiple textbooks into one simple, interactive tablet
Helps to Promote:
Individualized learning
"Schools must create independent, resourceful, and fearless citizens, tap the educational power of family life, bestow significance on personal choices,...-Students can learn to think, speak, calculate, and write more easily through close contact with reality than through confinement and abstract texts."
(John Taylor Gatto, 2001)
The iPad's Role in the Purpose of Education
Students have names, not numbers
Changing the way students learn (Saine, 2012).
Customized level of instruction for each individual (Enriquez, 2010).
Students participating in learning that is exciting and unique (Saine, 2012).
Produce Creative Humans, Not Robots
Higher-order thinking skills (Riley, 2013).
Enhance problem solving (Enriquez, 2010).
Critical and creative thinking by using interactive activities (Saine, 2012).
Promote Success, Not "That's Good Enough"
Shaping lifelong skills needed for success in this global world (Pilgrim, 2012).
Learning through real-world applications (Saine, 2012).
Most jobs today require the use of the Web and other tools (Pilgrim, 2012).
"Design, implement, and evaluate technology-powered programs and interventions to ensure that students' progress through out K-16 education system and emerge prepared for the workplace and citizenship"-U.S. Department of Education

Teachers must provide students with opportunities to engage in learning through technology (Bouck, 2012).
John Dewey emphasized learning by doing and encouraging students to learn from experience.
iPad's Role in the Practice of Education
A Compatible Education
Apple's iBook plans will have a positive effect on education by the use of interactive textbooks and learning such as video, 3D graphics, and photo galleries (Pilgrim, 2012).
Multiple ways of instruction(Johnson, 2013).
Eliminates the need for many education tools (Johnson, 2013).
Students as Active Participants in Their Education
Interactive and collaborative environments (Riley, 3).
More engaged learning thanks to immediate feedback (Enriquez, 2010).
Countless Apps for all kinds of subjects and areas (Siegle, 2013).
Immediate access to information on the web (Johnson, 2013).
Many student questions are easily answered by the iPad (Demski, 2011).
The Teachers' Role
Less time listening to lectures, more time exploring learning independently (Enriquez, 2010).
Easy and fast communication with each student (Johnson, 2013).
Highly adaptable to individual students' learning strategies and needs (Bouck, 2012).
Freire and Problem-Posing Education
Problem-posing education focuses on men as being in the process of becoming. With the use of technology, students have access to the latest information for learning (Freire, 1968).
Technology Advancements
The demand for digital technology in the classroom increases as society continues to advance. Teachers must be prepared to rethink the instruction of education and literacy (Saine, 2012).
Success For Everyone
Many students are currently being provided the opportunity to learn using the iPad. Unfortunately, this access is not available to all students (Saine, 2012).
What Does The iPad Have To Do With The Policy Of Education?
Students can learn through real world applications, leading to life skills for success in the "real world" (Pilgrim, 2012).
The iPad should be used to promote critical and creative thinking by using interactive activities, immediate information, and increase student engagement (Riley, 2013).
Apple hopes to have a positive effect on education by providing valuable interactive textbooks and learning (Tomassini, 2012).
Philosophies Around The iPad and Education
What do real life students, administrators, and teachers have to say?
Red River Valley Boys and Girls Club
I have spent my time volunteering for the Boys and Girls Club for my practicum experience. Through this experience I have learned that the students that I work with have access to iPads at their school.
Wrapping Up...iPads...
Enhance & enrich learning
Utilize technology
Critical thinking
Internet access
Apple's plan to construct an incredible computer that is in the size of a book, and easy to carry around; the introduction to the making of the hand held tablet.
In under a month, 450,00 iPads were sold.
Predicted that by 2017, students throughout US would have an all-digital curriculum.
But What's The Downfall?
Possible Issues?
The iPad might hinder the social development and interaction of students face to face (Almond, 2013).
What's The Risk?
iPads will likely become easier for schools to afford, narrowing the access gap. However, a gap between fluency in technology will still exist(Resnick, 2002).
Is There a "Too Much"?
Many question if having students work with screens all the time is too much (Almond, 2013).
Roosevelt believed that the purpose of schools is to develop team play and cooperation through social activities.
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(Roosevelt, 1930)
(Feinman, 2008)
(Pilgrim, 2012)
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