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The Intouchables

No description

iain davidson

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of The Intouchables

The Intouchables tells the story of a wealthy man named Philippe who through the result of a paragliding accident has become a quadriplegic. Philippe hires a man named Driss to take up the roll as full time carer. Coming from a poor family, Driss applies for the job so he can aid his application for a benefit but in a turn of events, Philippe decides to hire him. The pair strike an unlikely friendship and learn the ways of one another. Driss and Philippe teach each other to overcome their fears shown when Philippe convinces Driss to paraglide with him. This is where we see the strength of their relationship shine through and the effect they have had on one an others lives.
Paragliding scene

This scene is has huge significance for the theme. It demonstrates that everyone should be able to experience being free and happy in your own way. We see a quadriplegic man who holds little control of his life, yet he is not held back and is able to be free. For Philippe, to paraglide is to be free from all things negative. His disability is not preventing him from doing what makes him as an individual free. Philippe's disability is the result of a paragliding accident, yet he is able to overcome the negative impulses that fear brings with its dauntless definition. The interlock relationship that Phillipe and Driss share in this scene enforces the idea that it's the little things in life which makes us look back and realize they were the big things."
What does the paragliding scene demonstrate?
Visual techniques in Paragliding scene
The unseparable bond formed by friendship
The intouchables film has a powerful impact on the way we look at happieness. We learn that magnitude of our own personal issues are incomparable to the predicaments the world suffers. We are shown the power of friendship and the way that it empowers people to do things they would not have done due to physical or spiritual restraints.
The Intouchables - Visual Essay
BY Jack Gifford & Iain Davidson
Shots continued
Close up shots are used to show stress and emotions that the character is experiencing. In this scene, we are exposed to the legitimate fear that Driss has for the first time contrasting the ironic happiness Phillipe has whilst paragliding. The shot shows us how that Driss, a man built on immense pride, is placed in a scenario which sees him far outside his comfort zone and climatically reaches his peak of fear. This is a positive representation of Phillipe and Driss' inseparable relationship because it shows us that despite the fear we are faced with on a daily basis, the power of friendship provides an inseparable bond that exists for an eternity.
The wide angle establishing shot demonstrates the time, location, relationships and concepts being formed in the particular scene. In this scene, we are presented with the opportunity to see what sparse spaces surround us. It demonstrates how the small and insignificant objects in the background pose contrast to Phillipe's struggles that he faces as a paraplegic. This enforces, through the beauty of nature, the idea that the magnitude of our own personal issues are incomparable to the predicaments the world suffers.
Low Angle
The general use of a high angle shot has purpose of showing the position of weakness the protagonist is often placed in. Phillipe, a man with immense physical restrictions, is the protagonist who is viewed in the low angle shot however his position of weakness is not the cause for this camera shot. The large mountain area seen in the background shows the magnitude of the world we live in and for the first time, the daily worries of our society have been exceeded by the confidence and moral resilience of Phillipe. Phillipe's ability to not only participate in the event that left him a quadriplegic but to show his joy in doing so, enforces how our desire and passion for our life aspirations is a powerful internal tool which can't be taken away from us, despite the fatal consequences it may have.
High Angle
The use of the low angle shot is show superiority or the power that the protagonist has over the audience and the typical change a character makes in order to be in control of their life. The low angle shot contrasts the high angle shot. For the first time we see the control Driss has in his life, despite being thrown off the edge of a cliff with a somewhat reliable parachute. Driss, a man raised in the slums of France having to care for his testing family and having already been to jail, represents a role model for the people within his own community, Driss's ironic attraction with Phillipe and the interlocked friendship they share shows how the meaning if 'opposites attract', because how can a stubborn millionaire sense such an interest in an ill disciplined member of youth?
Close up
Wide angle establishing
It's our appreciation for the smaller things in life
Phillipe's perserverance and passion during the tough times results in success, despite being at all odds
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