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iPhone 7

No description

Nicole Shabaz

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of iPhone 7

Apple Inc. iPhone7
Apple is a prominent hardware and software company best known for its series of personal computers, the iPhone, and its innovative marketing strategies for its products

Our product, the iPhone 7, is the most innovative smartphone on the market today
Marketing Mix
Battery sharing capability
Holographic keyboards
Automatic video button
4G capabilities
Social Responsibility
S.W.O.T. Analysis
iPhone 7
Nicole Shabaz, John Bryan, jami cox, ajli cusic, kerwin smith

Brand loyalty allows customers to make easy decisions when thinking about upgrading or even buying a new apple product
New features, such as the bigger screen, expands our market bringing in the customers who prefer to have a larger screen compared to the old, smaller screens

Includes features other smartphones do not include
Brand recognition
Being proactive as the world becomes more technologically advance

Previous iPhones are already so popular and so long lasting that the need might not be there to purchase a new phone
Because our product is so advanced, potential consumers in the older demographic have the tendency to stay with their simplistic phones

Apple faces tough competition such as: Android, Sony, HP, and Microsoft.
Apple products, including the iPhone, are set at a higher price point than similar products.

Brand loyalty in our premium target market allows us to offer our phone at a constant and competitive price
With an upgrade and a contract, customers are able to purchase our product for under $200
TV Commercials
Radio ads
Youtube ads
In-Store promotions and exchange offers
Social media ads
Apple Stores
Best Buy
Cell Phone providers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile etc.)
Online at Apple.com
Environmental Scan
Marketing Channel
Financial Projections
The iPhone 7, as with many other technologies of today, invoke a variety of social problems, but the main social problem is the distractions from the real world. People get so involved in what they're doing on their phones that they can forget what really matters and that is real life.
Finland's economy is struggling because their main export is the Nokia phone, and now that Apple is dominating the market, they were forced to sell off to Microsoft.
Marketing opportunities missed by releasing new product information only to current Apple users.
There is still difficulties when merging platforms (ex: Microsoft software, Apple software)
Competitors offering cheaper devices, which can help students or other customers on a tight budget.
Customers who have brand loyalty to other competitors.
Encryption issues
Political spending could cause people to suspect Apple is funding a certain political group
We use energy and materials more efficiently
We provide detailed environmental information on every product we make
Only company in the industry whose data centers are powered by 100% renewable energy
Through the years, Apple has excelled in insuring the health of the stakeholders by constantly introducing new and improved products and holding them to our high standards.
We keep employees salaries on the high end of our competitors employees.

Apple profits rose 24% on the sales of the iPhone 5, and we project even higher sales for the iPhone 7
About 2/3 of all Apple profit comes from the iPhone
The iPhone generates more profit itself than all of GE, Microsoft, Google or Walmart
The market for smart phones range across the age spectrum all the way up to about 65, is marketed both to men and women, and spread across multiple income levels in the US and the rest of the world.
Apple appeals to consumers emotions by creating a desirable "Apple community"
The iPhone 6 already has broken sales records, gaining 5.7% more of the European market in only the first 3 months
Up in percentage in virtually every market
With the new advanced features such as the battery sharing capability and holographic keyboard, along with the phenomenal operating system and outstanding Apple customer service, the iPhone 7 will be the most innovative smartphone to ever hit the market
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