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Per. 5 and 6 10/18 World Preread and Textbook Notes

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Amber Westendorf

on 18 October 2018

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Transcript of Per. 5 and 6 10/18 World Preread and Textbook Notes

Preread and Textbook Notes
Warm Up: What do you think is happening in this picture?
The Reign of Terror: Was it Justified?
1. The absolute monarch in France 1789 was...
2. Three problems that faced Louis XVI were...

3. The French Revolution began in ..., which was ________ the American Revolution.
4. __________,___________, and_________ was the rally cry of the Revolution.
5. The members of the French nobility and Catholic Church were upset because...
6. The leader of the radical wing of the revolutionary government was...
Document A
1. The Declaration of the Rights of Man was written by........... in ...
2. According to the National Assembly the "sole causes of public calamities and the corruption of government" were...
3. The aim of the government should be ...
4. If someone was arrested and executed without trial the Article that would be violated is...
1762: Rousseau writes the Social Contract
1776: The United States declares independence
1789: Storming of the Bastille in Paris, symbol of the French Revolution
1789: The United States Constitution is ratified
1791: Slave revolt in the French colony of Saint Domingue
1793-1794: Reign of Terror in France
1799: Napoeon becomes virtual dictator of France
Warm Up Brainpop
1. The two causes of the French Revolution were_____________________ and__________________.
2. The people who revolted were from the _______________ estate.
3. __________________________ took over during the Reign of terror.
Writing Steps
1. Read each Document
2. Circle words, phrases, and ideas that are similar
3. Draw arrows from Document D to the other Documents to show similarities
4. Create a thesis statement.
Generic formula
thesis statement= reword the question or prompt
5. Explain how Document A is similar to D
6. Explain how Document B is similar to D
5. Explain how Document C is similar to D
French Revolution
in a Nutshell
First Estate
Definition: The clergy (church) members are the top of the social classes in France
Example: The first estate had the ______________________ in France.
Second Estate
Definition: The nobles/ wealthy landowners in France
Example: The Second Estate held_______________ in France
Third Estate
Definition: The commoners in France

Example: During the 1700s, the Third Estate in France_________________.
The Declaration of Rights
of Man and Citizens
Definition: passed in 1789 by France's National Constituent Assembly: states that rights are universal.

Example: The Declaration of Rights of Man and citizens is similar to ________________.
1. What were the three social classes in France?
2. Why were the people mad?
3. What event started the French Revolution?
4. What inspired the French Revolution?
Textbook Notes are due Thursday
Warm Up
1. What three things do the 2 revolutions have in common?
2. What 4 things are unique to the American Revolution?
3. What 5 things are unique to the French Revolution?
4. Looking at the pictures, what is very different about the nature of the revolutions?
Preread 217-221
1. Define the Terms on the top right hand side of page 217
2. Summarize the pie chart on p. 218
3. Why might the First and Second Estates be oppose to change? P. 218
4. What kind of King was Louis XVI? P. 219
5. What kind of Queen was Marie Antoinette? P. 219
6. Describe the Pic on P. 220.
What did the French Revolution gain?
P. 55
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